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Explaining Monash File Project

Explaining Monash File Project

Brief explanation about my (final year) project that has been presented on Monash University Telemedicine challenge 2016

Muhammad Alif Akbar

November 23, 2016

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  1. CLOUD (Server Processing Unit) 1. HTTP server 2. MQTT broker

    3. Heart Rate Analyzer* 1. Database (as) (as) +
  2. WHY NODE.JS + MONGO-DB? 1. Non Blocking IO 2. Easy

    to code 3. Speed Near Fast as Low level Language http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25344661/what-is-the-difference -between-mysql-mysql2-considering-nodejs
  3. SENSING DEVICE (Sensor Watch) ESP8266 12E System on Chip (S.o.C)

    Controller + WiFi Module Pulse Sensor PPG based Sensor, by JOEL and YURY + + LP402025 150 mAh Battery
  4. DEMO A data by MIT-BIH Arrhythmia (106) Python, Data Feeder

    (Simulation) (Simulate read by sensor, feeder read static data and send it with time interval)