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Rails Girls ATL: Bento Box Exercise

04ec66ce302551a608ec3a0451cfa1f2?s=47 Andy Lindeman
December 01, 2012

Rails Girls ATL: Bento Box Exercise


Andy Lindeman

December 01, 2012


  1. The Language of the Web Where do all these technologies

    fit? You'll need your workbook for this! :)
  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/adactio/3029656054

  3. None
  4. MySQL PostgreSQL Passenger Unicorn Rails Struts Ruby Java HTML

  5. Etsy "We use a number of different programming languages (including

    Matlab!) but are primarily a PHP shop. We have a number of databases, some of which are MySQL and some of which are PostgreSQL."
  6. MySQL PostgreSQL Matlab PHP HTML

  7. Ideas App?

  8. SQLite WEBrick Rails Ruby HTML

  9. Exercise: Where Do These Fit? 1. PHP 2. SaaS 3.

    RoR 4. HTML 5. MongoDB 6. Apache 7. CSS 8. Django 9. MySQL 10. nginx With your team, figure out where these fit in the Bentobox. Searching the web is allowed. 5 minutes!
  10. 5. MongoDB 9. MySQL 6. Apache 10. nginx 1. PHP

    3. RoR (Ruby on Rails) 8. Django 4. HTML 7. CSS 2. SaaS