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Building Quality Magento Projects with Confidence

Building Quality Magento Projects with Confidence

In this technical session, we will look at how to you can create a project environment with tools and process to deliver Magento projects of the highest possible quality. We will explore the use of tools from other programming languages and some standard PHP tools customized for use with Magento. Based on recent experience we will identify the roles within a team that can help the team succeed in even the most high pressured and complex parts of a project. Using examples from large successful Magento projects we will look at some of the processes that can help a team deliver complex Magento projects of the highest standards.

Alistair Stead

April 25, 2012

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  2. Session Digital is a UK based Gold Solutions partner focusing

    on large scale deployment and integration of Magento Enterprise solutions. Session have delivered technically complex solutions for many high profile brands in the UK and Europe: Dreams Kookai UK & France 3663 Warner Music International Smythson of Bond Street ACNE Studios Kurt Geiger Interflora
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