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Phi Decks v0.1

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July 09, 2012

Phi Decks v0.1

A pitch decks highlighting the state of education currently.



July 09, 2012


  1. I don't want to go to school, Ma! www.phidecks.com |

  2. Tommy has just turned 7

  3. He has just graduated from play school

  4. Now he has to go to a real school

  5. where he can learn mathematics 1 2 4 + -

  6. where he can learn sciences

  7. where he can learn languages te amo je t'aim e

    ich liebe dic
  8. Sounds exciting, right?

  9. Except, Tommy doesn't like it.

  10. Why?

  11. because

  12. In play school they would use colorful materials

  13. But in the new school there are no colors; Today's

    lesson How to make lessons fun? Submit your 300 word essay by today only words
  14. In play school the teacher tells them stories

  15. B u t i n t h e new school

    the teachers k e e p s o n droning
  16. There's so many things that Tommy does not like about

    his new school
  17. Why must it be that way?

  18. He learnt m a n y things in his play

  19. Why can't he learnt all the new things in a

    fun way in his new school?
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