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Streamlit - The easiest way to build data web apps

Streamlit - The easiest way to build data web apps

Streamlit - The easiest way to build data web apps


AbdulMajedRaja RS

October 13, 2021

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  1. streamlit 🔥 The easiest way to build df.Data <apps/> in

    🐍 Abdul Majed pip install
  2. What are data web apps? ➔ Unlike typical Web Apps,

    this is Data-Focused Data Science Machine Learning ➔ Built during the Data Science Workflow or at the end Interactive EDA UI for the Model Inference ➔ Examples: Data Science Dashboards ML Model Result with Parameters ML Interpretability App Model Inference as a Web App (like Sales Forecasting)
  3. Hey Python Data Professionals, How many frameworks do you need

    to build a full-stack data app? Example Sales and Demand Forecasting App Skin Cancer Prediction with Images Analytics Dashboards
  4. HTML CSS Javascript Flask / Django Typically,

  5. pip install streamlit Now,

  6. What is streamlit? Streamlit, a python library that helps to

    turn data scripts into shareable web apps. All in Python. All for free. No front‑end (html, css, js) experience required.
  7. Tell me more! ➔ Open Source 16,000 GitHub stars ➔

    pip install streamlit 4.5 million downloads ➔ Well-Funded $35 million Series B ➔ Loved by Community 10,000 organizations (including over half of the Fortune 50)
  8. A Simple “streamlit” App

  9. Widgets Just like creating a variable

  10. Layouts st.columns()

  11. 3rd Party Components streamlit.io/components

  12. Compatible with almost all Python Libraries

  13. Code Demo

  14. Try it out! streamlit.io