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Fresh Graduate, You want a career in Data Science?

Fresh Graduate, You want a career in Data Science?

Slides to briefly introduce (Meta) Data Science to University Graduate Students and also bits of information how they can aspire to gain their first Data Science Job to start a career in Data Science

AbdulMajedRaja RS

January 20, 2020

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  1. Hacking: To play with Data : Data Collection – Web

    Scraping Data Cleaning & Processing Code Optimization Model Deployment
  2. Math & Statistics: Understanding Statistics, Probability, Econometrics: What Machine learning

    Technique to use? How to evaluate and validate different modeling strategies? How to design Randomized Experiments?
  3. Substance/Subject Matter/Domain Business / Domain/ Market Knowledge : How to

    help business ask the right analytics question? How to present the outcome of the analysis? How to estimate the value?
  4. Data Science - ONE Word, TOO many Roles! Just like

    your nearby Doctor (Physician) • Data Science - Generalist (Quite General) • Data Science - Specialist ◦ NLP Engineer ◦ Computer Vision Engineer ◦ Supply Chain Data Scientist ◦ Marketing Analytics ◦ Risk Analytics
  5. Data Science - Types * Roles • Business Analyst •

    Data Analyst • Insights Specialist • Data Engineer • Machine Learning (ML) Engineer • Big Data Engineer (quite outdated though, in hype) • Data Science Consultant (Typical MBA stuff)
  6. Companies: “We don’t want Freshers, Because you don’t have experience”

    You: “I can’t get experience because I don’t have a Job”
  7. You can’t get experience because you don’t have Job In

    Fact, You can gain experience, _Kind of_
  8. Entirely Your Initiatives Github/Gitlab – Own Repos, Contributions (PRs) Competitions/Hackathons

    – Kaggle, Crowdanalytix, Analytics Vidhya Hackathon Blog posts – Medium, Wordpress, Github Meetups/Conferences - Giving Talks / Lightning Talks
  9. Finally, on Resume Abdul adds the Hobby Project on Resume

    Also, the Github Link Also, the Kaggle Link Also, the Blogpost Lin