Containerize your Enthusiasm: Docker and Containers as a path to Scaling Agile and DevOps in the Organization

Containerize your Enthusiasm: Docker and Containers as a path to Scaling Agile and DevOps in the Organization

Talk given at Agile 2017, Orlando, FL.
To be effective with agile development and with your DevOps implementation, you need to have solid technical practices.
Container technology – such as Docker – can be incredibly instrumental in making your developers more Agile, and help you scale your DevOps practices throughout the organization.
On the other hand, when not implemented properly, Container initiatives often introduce numerous challenges and requirements – particularly on your Operations teams – and could put your releases at risk.
In this talk, we will review the pre-requisites for creating an effective development and delivery pipeline powered by Containers, to enable you to:

- Empower your developers to be self-sufficient and wicked-fast
- Give your Ops team - and the business - confidence in what’s “inside the box”, so they can ensure the containers your developers produce can be managed in Production, at scale.
Learn about:
- The implications Containers have on your DevOps processes and Agile implementation
- How to set up a Delivery Pipeline using containers and free tooling that dramatically increases your Agile throughput - from code check in, through Build, CI, testing and Deployment.
- Special considerations for Container-based application pipelines from metadata and NFR validation, Registery, Container --
- Orchestration best practices, and more.
- How to incorporate the right checks and balances – in terms of governance, visibility, security – so your Operations team feels comfortable with what goes inside the containers.
- Some use cases along your pipeline that are prime for starting your container journey
- How to extend your Containers adoption from the lower environments to enabling containers at scale, in production
- Best practices and tips for managing pipelines for container-based applications, alongside ‘traditional’ releases.
- (bonus: Should you go all-in for Continuous Deployments? How to get there?)


Anders Wallgren

August 10, 2017