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Open Government Data – Why, How, What

Open Government Data – Why, How, What

a Liip.ch Techtalk

Andreas Amsler

November 22, 2011

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  1. Open Government Data Why, How, What by Andreas [email protected] /

    +41 43 501 40 05 2011/11/22, Techtalk @liip.ch
  2. Why

  3. my personal pro’s about OGD • life is about topics • life

    is about relations btw. stuff gov data is sleeping info with high innovative potential
  4. key factors to get to the try-phase trust, trust, trust

    release policy innovative public servants involved community
  5. How

  6. 5 Stars of Open Data (by Tim Berners-Lee) * One

    star for putting data on the Web at all, with open license; e.g. Zip-files and PDFs ** Two stars if its machine-readable; e.g. Excel *** Three stars for machine-readable, non- proprietary formats e.g. CSV or XML **** Four stars if the data uses URL for identification ***** Five stars when data is linked to other data for context
  7. Two applications made @Make.opendata.ch Where did my taxes go? Application:

    http://wheredidmytaxesgo.nelm.io/ Documentation: http://makeopendata.ch/doku.php?id=project:wheredidmytaxesgo What does a politician care about? Application: http://gesagt-im-parlament.ch/ Documentation: http://makeopendata.ch/doku.php?id=project:parlament