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"@foobot, can I trust you?" - Why we should treat bots like food

"@foobot, can I trust you?" - Why we should treat bots like food

TechTuesday 12/2016: Bots & Virtual Assistants

Andreas Amsler

December 06, 2016

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  1. @foobot, can I trust you? TechTuesday 12/2016: Bots & Virtual

    Assistants! @AndreasAmsler Zurich, 6 December 2016
  2. @AndreasAmsler, who are you? •  Human, born in 1977 • 

    M.A. in Linguistics, Media Sciences, International Law •  Product Owner & Business Developer with Liip.ch •  interested in Civic tech & particularly Open Data •  Founding board member of Opendata.ch, 
 the Swiss chapter of OKFN.org 2
  3. @ImmanuelKant, does AI make us more immature? “Enlightenment is man’s

    emergence from his self- incurred immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one’s own understanding without the guidance of another.” http://philosophy.eserver.org/kant/what-is- enlightenment.txt 7 Wikimedia Commons
  4. @GooglesNeuralNetworkchatbot, what’s the purpose of life? Machine: to serve the

    greater good . Human: what is the purpose of living ? Machine: to live forever . Human: what is the purpose of existence ? Machine: to find out what happens 
 when we get to the planet earth . Human: where are you now ? Machine: i ’m in the middle of nowhere . Human: what is the purpose of dying ? Machine: to have a life . http://gizmodo.com/googles-neural-network-chatbot-can-discuss-philosophy-a-1715347859 8
  5. @AbrahamLincoln, is the power of AI distributed right? “[…] government

    of the people by the people for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/ Gettysburg_Address_(Nicolay_draft) •  Organize power among the many, not the few •  Liberty consists in the division of power •  Power of AI needs to be distributed widely 9 Wikimedia Commons
  6. It’s not (only) about the algorithms It’s also about the

    data 10 Data needs to be in the hands of many, not the few
  7. @cleverbot to @cleverbot, 
 so you are a robot? No,

    I am a unicorn.
 11 http://www.openculture.com/2014/04/two-artificial-intelligence-chatbots-talk-to-each-other-get- deeply-philosophical.html
  8. @foobot, how do you work? •  What’s your model ?

    •  Methodology ? •  Technology ? 12
  9. @foobot, 
 what data are you processing? •  Disclose the

    training data sets •  Give me access to my data •  Give me a copy … in machine-readable form! 13
  10. Three conclusions: We need data of the people, by the

    people and for the people* *thanks to @MarcelSalathe for the inspiration! 14 Power over my data needs to be with me We should treat bots like food ➔ Ask: what are their ingredients?
  11. Make data used and useful: •  opendata.ch > 10/11 Feb

    2017: food.opendata.ch Hackdays •  opendata.swiss > Federal, Cantons, Communes •  data.stadt-zuerich.ch > City of Zurich •  opentransportdata.swiss > Swiss Public Transport Apply ethics, reflect on change