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If I made a product that did X, would you buy it?

If I made a product that did X, would you buy it?

This deck highlights my learnings from the very fun and insightful book "The Mom Test". It is a very good product-oriented book, most useful in the initial idea validation phase of your startup.

Andrei Diaconu

March 24, 2018

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  1. If I made a product that
    did X, would you use it?
    Andrei Diaconu

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  2. Have you read The Mom
    Test by Rob Fitzpatrick?

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  3. Let's all come up with
    a startup idea

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  4. Help me validate it
    I'll write down your questions. I'll answer.

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  5. So it's a good idea

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  6. I failed the Mom Test
    And here is why

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  7. 1. What is "fluff"?


    The future

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  8. Would you...

    Do you ever...

    What do you usually...

    Might you...

    Do you see yourself...

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  9. 2. People are nice to

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  10. I'm quitting my job to ...

    I am working on a project ...

    I have an awesome idea ...


    What do you think?

    Please be honest! I can take it.

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  11. 3. Customer Ideas
    Keep you busy

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  12. What are we
    searching for?

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  13. Seek information, not
    "Bad news" is life saving news.

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  14. What can we do?

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  15. 1. Fluff
    Anchor with past numbers, actions, data

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  16. 2. Compliments

    Get back to details

    Be undercover

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  17. When you talk, you
    learn nothing.
    Stop pitching about it

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  18. 3. Ideas
    Dig. Ask why.

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  19. Let's try again

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  20. • “Do you think it’s a good idea?”

    • “Would you buy a product which did X?”

    • “How much would you pay for X?”

    • “What would your dream product do?”

    • “Why do you bother?”

    • “What are the implications of that?”

    • “Talk me through the last time that happened.”

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  21. • “Talk me through your workflow.”

    • “What else have you tried?”

    • “Would you pay X for a product which did Y?”

    • “How are you dealing with it now?”

    • “Where does the money come from?”

    • “Who else should I talk to?”

    • “Is there anything else I should have asked?”

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  22. Resources

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  23. Thank you!

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