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Styling the Shadow Dom

Styling the Shadow Dom

Tiangle JS meetup talk about how to style the shadow DOM


Andres Galante

September 26, 2016

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  1. @andresgalante Shadow Dom

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  3. Shadow Dom

  4. Heads Up

  5. 1. Never trust an Argentinean designer writing code.

  6. 1. Never trust an Argentinean designer writing code.

  7. 2. I am a Shadow Dom rookie

  8. Shadow Dom

  9. Custom elements + Shadow DOM = Self contained HTML, CSS

    and JS
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  12. CSS

  13. The Shadow DOM

  14. The ShadowRoot A shadow root is a document fragment that

    gets attached to a “host” element.
  15. Light DOM + Shadow DOM = Composed DOM

  16. <slot> Placeholders inside your component that users can fill with

    their own markup.
  17. How to style the ShadowDOM

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  23. CSS selectors from the outer page don’t apply inside your

    component. Styles defined inside don’t bleed out. They’re scoped to the host element.
  24. :host(<selector>) selector Allows you to target the host if it

    matches a <selector>.
  25. ::host-context(<selector>) selector Matches the component if it or any of

    its ancestors matches <selector>.
  26. :slotted(<compound-selector>) selector Matches nodes that are distributed into a <slot>

  27. Styling a component from the outside.

  28. Style hooks using CSS custom properties CSS variables and mixins

  29. Access Card Demo Putting everything together

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  31. Can we use it?

  32. maybe

  33. Thanks :)