Intro to Git - Women Who Code Workshop

Intro to Git - Women Who Code Workshop

An introduction to Git and GitHub. Hosted by Women Who Code LA and Carbon Five.

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Git powers much of software development today - it enables users to keep track of changes to software from many different locations. It is decentralized enough to allow users to work on software from anywhere in the world.

GitHub is a cloud service that hosts Git repositories. Its strength is in the ease in which it allows you to view and edit files, and share your changes with other people. It also allows you to keep a full history of changes to that repository - meaning that at any point in time you can see what files changed, how they changed, and if you want, you can restore changes from the past.

Think back to the last time you worked on a group project at school. Maybe you had to work on a report or a presentation. How did you all manage to work on the document? Did you email it around, or send it around on a USB stick, CD-ROM, floppy? Do you remember how much work it took to make sure everybody had the same document?

Then - some of you may understand this analogy - do you remember how the game changed when you learned how to use a cloud document service, like Google Docs? Suddenly, everybody had one place to go to. Changes were propogated and trackable. You could rest easy knowing that people's changes could be rolled back.


Andrew Hao

June 08, 2016