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Nobody likes you Jenkins

Andy Gale
October 14, 2015

Nobody likes you Jenkins

Take the hassle out of CI by using online CI instead. Rid yourself of that high-maintenance chancer butler.

Andy Gale

October 14, 2015

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  1. Nobody likes you Jenkins Andy Gale

  2. Andy Gale @techandygale on Twitter Bristol Rovers fan #UTG Bristol

    DevOps Organiser What do you do? Owner and DevOps Consultant at Hello Future
  3. Hello Future • @hellofutur3 on Twitter • DevOps, Continuous Delivery,

    Chef, Docker and cloud automation consultancy • Web application development • We now have availability for DevOps Consultancy if you’re after some What do we do?
  4. Nobody likes you Jenkins

  5. Butler sad face

  6. • We actually really like Jenkins at Hello Future •

    Use it loads • We advise our customers how to use it • We even do managed Jenkins hosting for our customers • And we’d be happy to set up and/or run a managed Jenkins for you Why do you hate Jenkins? I actually don’t
  7. Butler happy face *He looks very ill doesn’t he?

  8. • Jenkins is very flexible, plugins for everything • Jenkins

    is often used for anything task orientated • Jenkins is used for things that it probably shouldn’t be • Jenkins can be complicated to set up So what’s the big problem, Gale?
  9. Use Jenkins for what it’s designed for!

  10. What shouldn’t I use it for? Well that’s up to

    you but here are some alternatives
  11. Simple to set up Jenkins alternatives

  12. machine: php: version: 5.5.11 Most let you just include a

    .yml file or similar and define your PHP version etc. This is obviously easier than setting up Jenkins. Unless you really hate YAML. Simple to set up Jenkins alternatives
  13. None
  14. • Easy to set up, don’t need to deal with

    that high-maintenance butler • Don’t need to pay for hosting Jenkins or have it running on a box under someone’s desk • Can probably run smaller and open source projects for free • Automated deployments to many popular tools like Heroku, AWS Elastic Beanstalk & Code Deploy, Capistrano, custom scripts etc Simple to set up Jenkins alternatives Pros
  15. Simple to set up Jenkins alternatives • Can be inflexible

    • Need things like Docker support to be added rather than just installing it yourself and running a command as part of the or a post-build action • Limited SCM support for anything but Github (sometimes Bitbucket) • You may struggle to find one that combines supports for the various technologies that you use Cons
  16. I’m not a task runner

  17. You’re going to have a bad time

  18. A great tool for replacing SSH or Jenkins with a

    glorious easy to use interface
  19. • Allows you to create jobs to do on-demand as

    well as scheduled tasks • Can automatically discover nodes from Chef/ Salt/AWS APIs (based on roles etc) • Prevent yourself from SSHing to servers and messing things up!
  20. • Self service jobs for developers, IT Operations and support

    staff • Agentless (uses SSH or winrm) • Has an API • Failure, in progress, pending and success statuses • You can run Rundeck jobs from Jenkins jobs (i.e. deploying after a successful build)
  21. None
  22. None
  23. Nodes filtering links 1. Clicking the single node view icon

    filters the list down to just that node. 2. Find nodes with this Tag (e,g just nodes with tagged "www"). 3. Find nodes with this Attribute name (e.g., any node with the "web:pid" attribute). 4. Find nodes with this Attribute value (e.g., any node with attribute "web:state=RUNNING" ).
  24. Summary • Don’t hate on Jenkins, use it for what

    it’s good at • Maybe you don’t need to have a full Jenkins install, there are simple alternatives which you might eventually out grow but are good for startups • Consider running task in a task runner • Hello Future can help set this all up for you!