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Try Something Different: Explore MicroPython!

Try Something Different: Explore MicroPython!

An Introduction to MicroPython, delivered at EuroPython 2022 in Dublin, Ireland.

Note that a portion of the talk was live demos showing boards and code, which is not fully represented in this deck.

- Explore Awesome MicroPython
- Learn from Tutorials from Bhavesh
- Try the Wokwi device simulator
- Read the MicroPython forums
- Check out the latest #MicroPython Tweets

Andy Piper

August 02, 2022

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  1. @andypiper
    Try Something Different:

    Explore MicroPython!
    ( … tales from an adventurer )

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  2. @andypiper
    • past lives: ex-IBM / MQTT OSS / Eclipse IoT

    • hobbyist dabbler with Arduino etc

    • PSF Supporter

    • LEGO fan

    • not an electronics, or MicroPython expert (yet…?)

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  3. @andypiper

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  4. @andypiper
    What / Why / How

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  5. @andypiper
    Let’s Gooooo!

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  6. @andypiper
    • A microcontroller board [* probably / for most fun]

    • A MicroPython runtime

    • A code editor
    We will require

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  7. @andypiper
    Where I started out
    “learning mode”

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  8. @andypiper
    • Learn a CLI - mpremote

    • related: how to install & manage libraries

    • IDEs: Thonny vs PyCharm vs VSCode & PyMakr vs …
    Get some tooling

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  9. @andypiper
    A tour of some boards
    • pyBoard Lite

    • ESP32 / Espressif chipsets

    • RP2040 e.g. Raspberry Pi Pico (W), Thumby, PicoSystem, Badger, Tufty…

    • micro:bit and CodeBug

    • LEGO! (pyBricks)

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  10. @andypiper
    Hold on to your [seat | hat | pants]
    Live demos included

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  11. @andypiper
    What I’ve done to help
    • learning stu
    , various boards and tools / making notes

    • DEV.to - #micropython tag mod, writing

    • GitHub topic PR https://github.com/github/explore/pull/2981

    • generally, getting involved in Slack/Discord/forum etc

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  12. @andypiper
    Where to learn more
    • Community! Forums, Slack, Discord, Twitter

    • Meetups e.g. Melbourne MicroPython Meetup (whilst online…)

    • GitHub

    • Try MicroPython on Wokwi

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  13. @andypiper
    Highly Recommended!
    • Awesome MicroPython https://awesome-micropython.com

    • Bhavesh’s Secrets of MicroPython tutorials


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  14. @andypiper
    … come try it & join our community!

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