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MicroPython at EuroPython field report

MicroPython at EuroPython field report

A short presentation I gave to the Melbourne MicroPython Meetup group about MicroPython (and other IoT / small device Pythons) at EuroPython 2022

Andy Piper

August 02, 2022

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  1. @andypiper
    MicroPython at EuroPython
    notes from the field

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  2. Dublin July 11-17
    c. 1200 in person, 150 online

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  3. • Gaming / CircuitPython (PewPew)

    • also a workshop

    • Taking a circuitboard into production

    • Intro to MicroPython

    • Maker Space

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  4. @andypiper
    • Give a talk about MicroPython

    • Intro / what / why it is important

    • Boards tour

    • Demo / tooling / mpremote
    My goals

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  5. @andypiper
    Where I started out
    “learning mode”

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  6. @andypiper
    • Learn a CLI - mpremote

    • related: how to install & manage libraries

    • IDEs: Thonny vs PyCharm vs VSCode & PyMakr vs …
    Get some tooling

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  7. @andypiper
    Highly Recommended!
    • Awesome MicroPython https://awesome-micropython.com

    • Bhavesh’s Secrets of MicroPython tutorials


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  8. @andypiper
    What I’ve been doing…
    • Gave away some Picos

    • DEV.to - #micropython tag mod, writing

    • Docs (Jim chat to follow up, PR to split)

    • Newt board

    • Mini SAM board

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