Parlez-Vous JavaScript

52c6174ba60557536f93809b4e95d97c?s=47 Angus Croll
November 30, 2012

Parlez-Vous JavaScript

You can spot the tourists a mile away. In Singapore they’re the ones drinking slings at the Raffle’s Long Bar; in JavaScript they’re the ones stuffing their favourite paradigms into a language that never needed them and works better without them.

In this talk, your humble tour guide will wander the back alleys of JavaScript in search of native patterns, uncovering the idioms that work with the language instead of fighting it. We’ll visit some fabulous local haunts: mixins, functional expressions, context injection and of course closures, while trying not to make fun of the garish tourist traps (classes, are you listening?)


Angus Croll

November 30, 2012