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Hattie's Hot Dogs

Hattie's Hot Dogs

Hattie is eager to share her latest business plan off to her friends, but her rickety old hotdog cart seems destined for disaster.



February 11, 2022

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  1. Dialog Old lady- and my doctor says I shouldn't be

    on the road anymore because I have cataracts the size of dinner plates,
  2. Dialog but what does he know? I think he's blind

  3. Dialog You should have seen the shirt he was wearing.

  4. Dialog Hattie- All done! Here's your hotdog Mrs. Johansen. Old

    lady- mmmm!!
  5. Dialog Thank you!

  6. None
  7. Dialog Hattie- WAIT!

  8. Dialog this way. You live this way.

  9. None
  10. Action Notes Hattie sighs

  11. Dialog Old lady- have a good day dear!

  12. None
  13. None
  14. Dialog Hattie- There you two are!

  15. Dialog Sue- Hi, Hattie! Max- Hey.

  16. Dialog Sue- So what is it you wanted to show

  17. Dialog Hattie- Ta-dah!

  18. Dialog Well, what do you think?!

  19. Dialog Sue- Oh! Uh- it's nice Hattie...

  20. Dialog what is it?

  21. Dialog Hattie- It's my first food cart!

  22. Dialog It just got approved!

  23. Dialog I'm all set to drive straight into the world

  24. Dialog of self employment!

  25. Dialog I'll be at all the

  26. Dialog strip mall craft fairs,

  27. Dialog minor convention center events

  28. Dialog and in the park from now until summer!

  29. Dialog YEEEE!

  30. Dialog Max- You really think it can make the trip?

  31. Dialog Hattie- Well it is a bit of a fixer

  32. Dialog but I can make it work, at least until

    I can save up to get a better one.
  33. Dialog And from there I'll save up to get an

    even better one,
  34. Dialog one that I can drive!

  35. Dialog And then a bigger one, and eventually-!

  36. Dialog Max- A job?

  37. Dialog Hattie- A restaurant!

  38. Dialog This baby is just the first step in my

    5 part plan!
  39. Dialog Well, it's technically 37 if you count my franchising

  40. Dialog but it all starts with this magnificent little cart.

  41. Action Notes Smooch

  42. None
  43. Dialog This is where I build my empire!

  44. Dialog Let me make you a hot dog, on the

  45. Dialog Sue- Well, it's really…

  46. Dialog Sue- nice... that you have a plan and all,

    Max- Ugh.
  47. Dialog Sue- but what if it doesn't work out?

  48. Dialog Max- Or your cart falls apart?

  49. Action Notes Sue elbows Max

  50. Dialog sue- What we're trying to say is

  51. Dialog maybe you shouldn't hang all your hopes and dreams

    on this one cart.
  52. Dialog Max- is your name written in ketchup?

  53. Dialog Hattie- Just the last letter, I ran out of

  54. Dialog Anyway you guys,

  55. Dialog I appreciate the concern, but I know this will

    work out,
  56. Dialog I can feel it!

  57. Action Notes Car bangs into fire hydrant

  58. None
  59. None
  60. None
  61. Action Notes Car screeching

  62. Action Notes Car screeching

  63. None
  64. Action Notes Loud bang

  65. Action Notes Pole cracks

  66. None
  67. None
  68. Dialog Hattie- My cart!

  69. None
  70. Action Notes Pole stops just short of hitting the cart

  71. None
  72. Dialog Hattie- Ah! Action Notes Sue sighs with relief

  73. Action Notes Electric buzz

  74. None
  75. Action Notes Cart bursts into flames

  76. None
  77. Action Notes Camera click from Max's phone

  78. None
  79. None
  80. None
  81. Action Notes Max munches into hotdog

  82. Dialog Max- These are pretty good!

  83. None
  84. None
  85. Dialog Old Lady- Oh my,

  86. Dialog I think I hit something.