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Quality And The Squad Framework

Quality And The Squad Framework

Overview and high level analysis of Spotify's Squad framework with emphasis on the adoption of the framework at SumUp and the impact on Quality Assurance.
It was presented at DEV.BG's QA meet up.


July 16, 2018

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  1. What went wrong? ✘ PO didn’t respect scope ✘ Developers

    gave wrong estimations ✘ QA was always late
 ✘ Scrum teams are often divided by tech components while ✗ Business features spans multiple components 7
  2. Agile A set of principles that aims to improve the

    process of software development; A mindset. Agile vs. Scrum Scrum A framework that helps teams to apply the agile principles into their daily work. 11
  3. Scrum is NOT: ✘ A synonym of Agile ✘ Going

    to work unless you understand Agile ✘ Replacement of organisation structure 12
  4. Spotify’s Squad Framework Squad Small cross- functional self- organised team

    Chapter Competency area, such as QA Tribe Group of squads working in same business area Guild A community of interest with no obligatory character
  5. The QA Side of things 21 ✘ The automation team

    ✓ Automation QAs and Devs in every squad Automation Guild
  6. The QA Side of things 22 ✘ The automation framework

    ✓ Each squad has own framework and/or tools Autonomy > Reusability
  7. The QA Side of things 23 ✘ QA vs. Dev

    ✓ Quality and speed are squad responsibility “Done is better than perfect” - Sheryl Sandberg
  8. And then we went to Stockholm A complex idea can

    be conveyed with just a single still image, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly. 25
  9. To discover many changes ✘ The chapters have all but

    disappeared ✘ Squads now have tech leads ✘ QA as a role is gone ✘ “We have only one environment and it’s called production” ✘ Testing is transferred to alpha users as much as possible 26
  10. But we’re on the right path ✘ Autonomy is still

    above all ✗ 7 different HTTP implementations! ✘ QA autonomy within squads ✘ To learn fast, fail fast ✘ No rules, just great examples 27
  11. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and

    released these awesome resources for free: ✘ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ✘ Photographs by Unsplash ✘ Icons and images from freepik 32