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iOS Navigation without Storyboards (iOSDevUk 2016)

September 07, 2016

iOS Navigation without Storyboards (iOSDevUk 2016)

Lightning talk by Jens Goeman at iOSDevUK 2016.


September 07, 2016

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  1. Navigation in a world without Storyboards

  2. Jens Goeman
 Developer jens.goeman@appfoundry.be @goesman_

  3. Storyboard

  4. Love Segue Flow Visual Prototype

  5. Hate Complicated No Reuse Testing !Merging Hell!

  6. Alternative

  7. Do it! in code

  8. Do it! Do it! Testable "Merging Heaven" (most of the

    time) Reuse
  9. Do it? Autolayout in code? No visual overview Testing a

    UIViewController *.xibs FTW
  10. How we do it

  11. NavigationManager One dependency Single point of contact Knows nothing Needs

  12. Input Which navigation? Parameters Error block Initiator

  13. Navigator Does all the work Create VC Inject Parameters Present

    VC Report
  14. FLOW

  15. 1* Captain App yells his input

  16. 2* NavigationManager gets input

  17. 3* NavigationManager makes a corresponding navigator #

  18. 4* Navigator makes the new ViewController and presents it #

  19. 5* Win # $

  20. DRYNavigationManager

  21. Next up:

  22. This is my back

  23. Jens Goeman