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Building a Mobile Backend to Evolve

September 06, 2016

Building a Mobile Backend to Evolve


September 06, 2016

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  1. Building a Mobile Backend to Evolve Do's, Don't do's and

    Stupid Stuff Reshef Mann, CTO & Co-Founder
  2. Premature Optimization is the root of all evil

  3. You will have to live with the decisions you make

    today (Hopefully)
  4. There are no silver bullets

  5. Programmers know the benefits of everything and the tradeoffs of

  6. Take it with a grain of salt for your case

  7. What is ? Mobile Attribution Measurement and Analytics

  8. None
  9. Server is forgiving SDK’s aren’t

  10. System Structure

  11. Tech Stack t

  12. EDA

  13. Messaging Platform agnostic serialization Platform specific serialization Compact representation Batching

    Compression Queues (Kafka) P2P / PubSub Partitioning No Partitioning
  14. Shared DB

  15. Monolithic App Microservices VS

  16. Shared DB + Microservices

  17. DB as an implementation detail

  18. Audit log Capture user intent Event sourcing

  19. K/V Stores Use short keys

  20. None
  21. Monitoring

  22. Stability Patterns Queues Timeouts Circuit Breaker Back Pressure

  23. None
  24. Thank You! We’re hiring