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Hacking Space Exploration

Hacking Space Exploration

Keynote at OSCON 2011


Ariel Waldman

November 10, 2011


  1. hacking space exploration Ariel Waldman

  2. I’m @arielwaldman Voyager 1

  3. Apollo 8 / NASA

  4. Hubble

  5. National Geographic / Getty hacking space observation

  6. sent a man to the Moon sent the first message

    over ARPANET NASA 1969
  7. 2 billion people vs. 500 people wtf!?

  8. != open Trey Ratcliff

  9. What will you do when space is as cheap and

    accessible as the Web is today? czCube
  10. Institute For The Future What will you do when space

    is as cheap and accessible as the Web is today?
  11. SSETI Team - S. Tietz doing something changes how you

    see it
  12. None
  13. Violet Blue me

  14. NASA

  15. Scott Beale no more sci-fi!

  16. None
  17. Andrew J. Ferguson

  18. University of Cambridge Department of Engineering f***ing teddy bears in

  19. ^ DISRUPTIVELY ACCESSIBLE Designed by Matt Jones, under CC, http:/

  20. NASA/ESA/S. Beckwith - STScI, and The HUDF Team galaxy zoo

  21. GALAXY ZOO galaxy zoo sdss.org data

  22. rajeshdc no data monkeys

  23. Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Richard Nowell data access inspires

    investigation forums as a collaboration tool better machine learning green peas
  24. Karen Lau spacehack.org Karen Lau intrigued?

  25. mapping dark matter

  26. Team Italia google lunar x prize

  27. Interorbital tubesat kit

  28. spacehack.org


    modes of invading space
  30. Matt Ogle open != accessible

  31. Gretchen Curtis science hack day

  32. Paul Mison Ariel Waldman

  33. Gretchen Curtis Ariel Waldman

  34. RadioKate Gretchen Curtis

  35. ...in your city! sciencehackday.com details at:

  36. arielwaldman.com Matt Biddulph spacehack.org @arielwaldman