PhantomJS for Web Page Automation

PhantomJS for Web Page Automation

Presented at Selenium San Jose meetup:

PhantomJS, the scriptable headless WebKit-based automation tool, has gained a lot of traction in its first 3 years. It is a popular choice for continuous integration, whether to run basic tests or to catch rendering regressions. Many JavaScript test frameworks work well with PhantomJS and even Selenium-based tests can be integrated thanks to the support for WebDriver via Ghost Driver. In addition, because PhantomJS permits the inspection of network traffic, it is suitable to run various analysis on the network behavior and performance. This talk will highlight the basic usages of PhantomJS and explore various PhantomJS-tools for the purpose of headless testing of web applications, screen capture, and network monitoring.


Ariya Hidayat

January 08, 2014