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Android Wear

Android Wear

Slides from my talk for Android Alliance Philadelphia


Arpit Mathur

August 01, 2014


  1. Android  Wear   Arpit  Mathur   @arpit  

  2. The  Android  Wear  UX  

  3. Wear  App  Development   •  Default  No:fica:ons   •  Extended

     No:fica:ons   •  Na:ve  Apps  
  4. Extended  No:fica:ons  

  5. Source:  hBp://mBhsfrdrch.github.io/  

  6. Source:  hBp://mBhsfrdrch.github.io/  

  7. Source:  hBp://mBhsfrdrch.github.io/  

  8. Ac:ons  and  Voice  Input  

  9. Na:ve  Apps  

  10. Capabili:es   •  PreBy  much  Android  4.4  minus   • 

    Na:ve  app  apk  packed  into  the  main  apk   •  Data  sync  based  on  App  Ids  so  make  sure  both   Manifests  match  
  11. Building  the  right  kind  of  na:ve  app   •  You

     can  build  any  kind  of  na:ve  app  you  want   but  most  people  probably  won’t  launch  your   app  explicitly   •  Instead,  build  contextual  no:fica:ons  that   trigger  your  na:ve  app   •  Detect  context  on  the  phone  side  of  the  app  
  12. Components  

  13. Sharing  data:  On  the  phone,  put  data   on  the

     sync’d  data  store  
  14. On  the  phone  listen  on  data  change  

  15. Messages  for  fire  and  forget  messages  

  16. Links   •  Google  I/O  2014  -­‐  Android  Wear:  The

      developer's  perspec:ve   •  Android  Wear  Training  on   developer.android.com