Berlindroid: RxJava & Coroutines: A Practical Analysis

Fc78fd09b8fee61efd4ef003fe104eb6?s=47 Ash Davies
January 30, 2019

Berlindroid: RxJava & Coroutines: A Practical Analysis

Kotlin has taken the Android world by storm, and is quickly becoming the most popular language, with coroutines approaching stability, does it make sense to replace your RxJava implementations for Coroutines?

Despite the hype, it may not make sense to jump on the bandwagon just yet, with RxJava having already proven its stability and usefulness, and in many cases the comparison between the two frameworks showing that they simply fit different purposes.

In this talk, you can learn how you can utilise the strengths of each framework, how to correctly choose the best solution for the requirements of your project, whether it may be beneficial to migrate or run them concurrently, and how you can start doing so for your project.


Ash Davies

January 30, 2019