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Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Helping Teams Thrive When They're Permanently Out-of-Office

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Helping Teams Thrive When They're Permanently Out-of-Office

Tips for individuals and remote teams as a remote manager, a less-experienced developer, and getting your whole company on board.


Allison McMillan

February 14, 2016


  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Helping Teams Thrive When

    They’re Permanently Out-of- Office Allison McMillan @allie_p Kevin Hopkins @devneck
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  8. ❖ 55% of respondents reported being more productive ❖ 80%

    said they would stay with an employer longer ❖ Telecommuting grew by almost 80% between 2005-2012
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  13. Communication Productivity Culture

  14. Communication Productivity Culture - A New Developer - A Manager

    - The Company
  15. ❖ Start Working Remotely ❖ How to be Successful at

    Remote Work ❖ Everyday Tools @allie_p @devneck
  16. Communication

  17. We can never hear our remotes during the product wide

    meeting... Sometimes I feel left out because I don’t overhear stuff in the office... I love having meetings without having to find meeting space! Meetings can be tough because it’s hard to hear what’s going on...
  18. Know Your Tools

  19. Always Ask Questions

  20. Make Friends

  21. Clear Expectations

  22. Share Information

  23. One on Ones are HUGE

  24. Be Proactive

  25. Adopt a Style for Meetings

  26. Start an A/V Club

  27. Start On Time

  28. Celebrate Together!

  29. Give the Gift of Food

  30. New Developer Manager Company ❖ Know Your Tools ❖ Get

    Comfortable Asking Questions ❖ Know When to Ask ❖ Create a support group ❖ Set expectations clearly ❖ Foster relationships amongst the team ❖ Do 1-1’s regularly ❖ Keep involved with your team ❖ Include Everyone in Meetings ❖ Get Some Quality A/V Equipment ❖ Celebrate with Everyone! ❖ Lunch is a Powerful Thing ❖ Share Information Inclusively
  31. Productivity

  32. Busy teammates means sometimes I’m blocked I want to ask

    for help but don’t want to interrupt someone in the zone I want the flexibility to be in office when I want to be but somewhere else when I don’t
  33. Don’t Be Afraid

  34. Timebox Communications

  35. Think About Timezones

  36. Don’t Be First

  37. Foster Communication

  38. WHY?

  39. Suppress the Need to Check In

  40. New Developer Manager Company ❖ Ask questions ❖ Don’t be

    afraid ❖ Timebox communications ❖ Think about timezones ❖ Don’t be first ❖ Foster communication ❖ Think about Why ❖ Minimize check-ins
  41. Culture

  42. My team does a good job about respecting my off

    hours Getting to know people from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles has shaped my perspective I feel really connected to my team on a very regular basis. Not having a commute allows me to have a better attitude at the beginning and end of the work day
  43. Set up Regular Pairing Time

  44. I have some questions...

  45. Cut yourself some slack

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  47. Connect the Dots

  48. Welcome Package!

  49. Team Dynamics

  50. Evangelize Remote Working!

  51. Discuss Your Culture

  52. New Developer Manager Company ❖ Setup Regular Pairing Time ❖

    Ask Questions ❖ Solve Problems ❖ Proactive Effort to Connect ❖ You Bring Value! ❖ Set Boundaries - Fight being ‘Always On’ ❖ Get Your Teams Talking ❖ Welcome Newcomers ❖ Leverage Team Dynamics ❖ Share with Non- Remotes ❖ Setup Proper Channels for Info ❖ Onboarding is Critical ❖ Discuss Culture Regularly
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  58. @damienbyrne @piisalie @joshpuetz @tpitale @barrettclark Thank you for the pics!

    Thanks! @aquaranto @hanchang @elliottcarlson @davidstamm @allie_p @devneck
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