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QGIS for Humanities and Social Science

Be2db6e442c70fc97166a57d61c74709?s=47 ATX GIS Day
November 13, 2019

QGIS for Humanities and Social Science

Jared Ware, Army Futures Command



November 13, 2019


  1. JayOSpatial (Twitter) Jaredleeware (LinkedIn) QGIS for the Humanities and Social

    Sciences “Using Open Source Data with Open Source Software” Jared Ware, GISP
  2. Agenda • Purpose • Background • A Sports Example Using

    QGIS and Open Source Data • A Public Policy Example Using QGIS and Open Source Data • Resources • Questions
  3. Purpose • Provide ideas for using open source software and

    data • To create geospatial products • In social sciences and the humanities • Use recent geospatial projects dealing with public policy • Texas policy • Texas data • Build a credible data set from open source data • Obtained from a validated public entity • GIS process provides a solution
  4. Background • Academic • Workshop - Harvard Center for Geographic

    Analysis • Conference - Gerrymandering GIS Project (NACIS 2017) by UT-Austin • Accreditation - open source requirements for undergraduate curriculum • Practical • Research: Addresses needs for humanities and social science crowd • Visualization: Data on a map is more optimal than data in a table • $$$$: Free Software / Free Internet / Free Storage / Free Data Workshop Conference Accreditation Research Visualization $$$$
  5. What Color Is A Tennis Ball? • https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/0 2/what-color-tennis-ball-green-yellow/523521/ •

    “Yellow, obviously, I thought, and voted…Of nearly 30,000 participants, 52 percent said a tennis ball is green, 42 percent said it’s yellow, and 6 percent went with “other.” • “…how we label a tennis ball is determined both by perceptual and cognitive factors: the actual physical light entering your eye and ... knowledge about what people have typically labeled the objects.” • What does this mean for a GIS practitioner, a Digital Cartographer, or a Data Scientist?
  6. What Color Is A Tennis Ball? • https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/Yellow_Color.html What color

    does it need to be to get the point across? Using software and data to create the desired effect. Color Scheme Symbology
  7. Potential GIS Projects: Sports (Tennis) • Types of Humanities Projects

    • University of Texas Men’s Tennis Team – “2019 National Championship Season” • Proliferation of tennis court construction in the late 1970s • Top 100 professional players each year by country • Types of Social Science Projects • Tennis industry revenue by state • Most popular tennis shoes by geolocated Instagram posts • Tennis facility locations and socioeconomics Data Mining Data Formatting GIS Product
  8. QGIS and Open Source Data From Sports to Public Policy

    • …proposed well site is located within 1500 feet of the property line of a child care facility, private school, or primary or secondary public school. • Executive Agency: Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) • Data Sources: • Railroad Commission of Texas • Texas Education Agency (TEA) • Texas Department of Family and Protective Services The Spatial Component
  9. QGIS Map Options & Plugins • Open QGIS • Version

    3.10 • Plugins • Manage and Install Plugins • MMQGIS • Add a Map • OSM • OSM Type
  10. Schools (Texas) • Go to the TEA Website • Select

    the Current Schools file • Download the file (zip) • Spreadsheet • KML • Shapefile • Geodatabase • Unzip and Import into QGIS • Layer - Add Layer – Add Vector Layer • Click the box next to the layer to make it visible • Double click the layer to open the Layer Properties and Symbology • Select a symbol and color scheme • Determine opacity (0% to 100%) and size • Open the attributes • Right click on the Layer • Open attribute table
  11. Wells (Texas)

  12. Child Care Centers (Texas) Use QGIS to geocode the address

    information & Convert it to a shapefile The child care centers are now features and attributes in QGIS
  13. QGIS – Layers of Information

  14. Reprojection and Buffer Reprojected from geographic (degrees) to a projected

    system (New projection: NAD83 / Conus Albers) “proposed well site is located within 1500 feet of the property line of a child care facility, private school, or primary or secondary public school.”
  15. QGIS Buffer Tool

  16. MMQGIS Buffer Tool

  17. • Focus on the specific issue and communicate the solution

    visually • Familiarity with GIS software and functionality (QGIS videos / blogs) • Data mining, data downloading, data conversion, data formatting • Create a credible data set • Document the process (repeat the process as a quality check) Keys to GIS Project Success “Open source data and open source software”
  18. Resources QGIS and Open Source Using QGIS • https://www.blogs.hss.ed.ac.uk/tools-of-the-trade/use-gis-humanities-social- sciences/

    • https://www.qgis.org/en/site/about/case_studies/uruguay_mides.html • https://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/introducing-qgis/38833 • https://www.gislounge.com/how-to-geocode-addresses-using-qgis/ • https://infoguides.rit.edu/dhss/tools/mapping Academic Workshops • https://gis.harvard.edu/gis-humanities-and-social-sciences • http://events.cornell.edu/event/intro_to_qgis_for_humanities_and_social_sciences • https://www.vassar.edu/news/events/2019-2020/191015-start-mapping-with-qgis- workshop.html Texas State Agencies Railroad Commission of Texas Public GIS Viewer • https://gis.rrc.texas.gov/GISViewer/ Texas Education Agency Public Open Data Site • http://schoolsdata2-tea-texas.opendata.arcgis.com/ Texas Department of Family and Protective Services • http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/child_care/search_texas_child_care/ppfacilitysearchd aycare.asp Texas Legislature Online • https://capitol.texas.gov/
  19. Questions “how we label a tennis ball is determined both

    by perceptual and cognitive factors” Thank you for attending