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Configure Elements & Customize the Event Website with Auctria

October 08, 2021

Configure Elements & Customize the Event Website with Auctria

Use & Configure Elements
Home Page, Menu
Website elements
Pre-built content
Progress tracker


October 08, 2021

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  1. Configure Elements & Customize the Event Website with Auctria

  2. #18

  3. Agenda: Use & Configure Elements • Home Page, Menu •

    Website elements • Pre-built content • Button • Catalogs • Progress tracker • Video
  4. Manage Pages, Make Homepage

  5. Pages Add page • Custom page • System pages (edit

    text box only) • HOME icon can be moved at any time Advanced: Visibility times
  6. System Pages End Game for Payment Shopping Cart • Immediate

    Payment • Used for admission tickets • For-sale items: ◦ Raffles ◦ Drink tickets ◦ merchandise (My) Account • Shows what has been purchased • Currently winning bids • Make payment button
  7. Inventory of Pages → Available for Menu Use Page Hierarchy

    • Link to a page = custom page • Link to a special page = system page • Link to website = external • Submenu = nesting purposes
  8. Rows, Columns Content

  9. Add Row = Blank Row, then → + content

  10. + Content: Basic Content or Rich Content

  11. Tools for Catalog & Cards

  12. Catalog is Made up with Cards Cards are used for:

    • Items • Tickets • Donations • Donors • Sponsors Edit with Cog and Bullseye
  13. Configure Item Catalog and Cards Item Card 1. Item Card

    Size 2. Toggles, each catalog type reveals it’s own set of card options Catalog Cog 1. Items displayed 2. Activates the selected element (rose color) 3. Green pencil select items and conditions
  14. Catalog Select Items and Conditions

  15. Catalog Style & Card Columns Catalog→ Item Card (A,B,C) are

    grid Card Columns → 2, 3, 4, 6 across and toggles to refine
  16. Catalog Style Full Item Card Good for use on a

    tickets page, live auction preview with a small number of items
  17. Catalog Style A: Image Header

  18. Catalog Style B: Circular image w/diag background

  19. Catalog Style C: Circular image w/full background

  20. Raffle Tickets

  21. Pre-Built Elements

  22. Button: configure action, style

  23. Donations: payment behavior, configure, style Out-of-the-box template: immediate payment &

    CASH Further configuration: Donation item set-up front dashboard, leave default: $ on Account for bidders, otherwise immediate payment
  24. Countdown Clock: configure target date, style

  25. Countdown Clock Style

  26. Progress Tracker: select source (income), style

  27. Video

  28. Auctria Video Vimeo or YouTube link is required • Always

    visible video on website • Button for video • Picture in picture video, ideal for use live auction page during a live virtual event
  29. Inline or Picture in Picture

  30. Hot Tip: Item Video

  31. • Move home icon based on event activity • Buttons

    at the top of the Home Page for quick access to donate, register, bid • Coming soon page • Coming soon section for catalog • Add video • FAQs page with Contact Us at the bottom System will open & close online auction bidding Pulling it all together
  32. User Guide pages for reference Home Page, Landing Page Purchase

    Behavior [video] Manage Pages [video] Tickets and Tags Catalog and Cards
  33. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk Auctria Launch & Assist