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[webinar] Engagement & Social Media Tips, Best Practices

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March 10, 2021

[webinar] Engagement & Social Media Tips, Best Practices

Engagement & Social Media:Tips, Best Practices



March 10, 2021

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  1. Engagement & Social Media Tips, Best Practices

  2. Q4 2020 over 1500 auction & event fundraisers

  3. Agenda: Engagement & Social Media • Use regularly • Tagging

    • Using images • Using video • Scheduling posts • Use your channel for long term communications, donor centric • Using social media & Auctria
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  5. Engagement Ingredients Sponsorship • Acknowledge on auction website • Use

    social media as level up • Use email blast as level up • Sponsor help spread the word Email • Use your existing email list • Use your email provider Analytics • Track the current for follow-up and future opportunity Website & Items • Easy to share News & Influencers • Reach out early to those connected to the cause Post Event • Volunteer opportunities • Recurring donations (your site)
  6. Social Media: Fill the Glasses, Amplify the Message

  7. Long Term Engagement Use social media regularly • Not just

    the week before an event • Use social media where your supporters hang out • Ability & affinity • Preferred method of communications, ask! • Personalize emails • Nurture supporters year-round • Be donor centric Email is still the highest return for effort, continue to cultivate that list from social media.
  8. Tags & Hashtags Not just for fun, this is the

    amplification you are seeking • Collect and follow and like sponsors, donors and influencers to your cause • Do this regularly, daily is OK • Tag individually and collectively • Tag with the auction item so they can easily share to their audience • Full circle , thank in the reply • Images, gifs video all take up more real estate in the thread
  9. Social Media Operations Working Smarter • Tie together FB &

    IG, use Business Suite (formerly Creator) • Make the posts shareable • Use hashtag(s) • Video, Live snippets • Polls • Post with purpose • Linktree, great for Instagram Bio, use on others too • QR codes on communications, overlays Use scheduling platform or natively on platform • Twitter, schedule on desktop only • FB & IG Business Suite • HootSuite or Buffer to be more streamlined
  10. Digital Engagement Stay on brand • Website presence • Link

    event from your known website • Share important updates and milestones • Email from your regular program • Post consistently on social media • Interact with followers in a timely manner
  11. Story Telling Don’t rely solely on text • Use your

    images and video • Update images • Action images directly involved in the work • Careful with size and volume of images • Term ‘hero’ image is just that Be authentic, be honest.
  12. Story Sharing Experiment to find max engagement = CTA •

    Reveal the connection between reader and the mission • Find new perspective, POV volunteer, donor, sponsor, charity beneficiary • Convey impact of supporting • Testimonials, on location if possible Powerful call to action paired with message
  13. Social Media Best Bets Post regularly where your supporters hang

    out • Make the posts easy to share and comment on • Use hashtags for general awareness and for the charity or event • Video • Go Live, these pop up at the top with notifications, does not have to be long or produced, snippets of auction items • Use the correct sized image for the platform and use on the platform • Graphics apps for easy & high impact social media, Canva & Poster My Wall are favorites for non-profit organizations
  14. Expectations Closer to the core the more interaction and support

    can be expected. What makes up the core?
  15. Graphics Use YOUR images whenever possible • Images, infographics enhance

    the messaging for social media and emails • Use the correct sized image for the platform and use on the platform • Graphic application favorites for high impact social media: ◦ Canva ◦ Poster My Wall
  16. Canva, Poster My Wall Examples Canva Poster My Wall

  17. Graphics Tools Canva • Use their templates with, images or

    video • Use blank templates • Resize for multiple uses • Animations • NPOs access to premium features at no charge Poster My Wall • More poster-like • Flyers, print quality • Full week of notifications • Connect and share, schedule directly from the platform • Premium for prints • Free for teachers Both tools: 1. Templates for correct sizes, pixels & aspect ratio 2. Connect directly to social media for posting & scheduling
  18. Canva

  19. Poster My Wall

  20. Auctria Tips Event website • Use your images, & video

    • Share in all active channels Be strategic • Rotate images if it’s a longer event, don’t clutter the page • Keep information current • Assign this duty and calendar for follow-up
  21. Share the Auction, Share the Item

  22. Auctria Video 3 Ways Three major uses 1. Video on

    website 2. Pop-up video, ideal for use live auction page during a live virtual event 3. Within an auction item description New: Pop-out video, User Guide info to come
  23. Auctria Pop Up Video

  24. Item Video

  25. Post-Event: be bidder/donor centric Bidder/Donor is the hero: • Focus

    on the donor appreciate at every opportunity • Donor is doing the action • Use your communication channels to follow up immediately after event fundraiser • Continue to spark interest, status updates at regular intervals with images and video
  26. Data Monitor your data: • Enable reports on social media

    • Track your event website data with Google analytics • Use this for the following event to guide time usage • Use data to help quantify ROI for Sponsors
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  29. Facebook Live Events

  30. Facebook Live Events

  31. Stay in Touch with Auctria @auctria Email: hello@auctria.com FB Group:

    Auction Team Talk Auctria Launch & Assist