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Who is in the room? featuring AmFund's Kalley Dunn Clausen

February 01, 2023

Who is in the room? featuring AmFund's Kalley Dunn Clausen

What to look for in a special event invitee, and where to prospect new donors


February 01, 2023

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  1. Who’s in the Room? What to look for in a

    special event invitee, and where to prospect new donors Presented by the American Fundraising Foundation February 2023
  2. Key Focus Areas What to look for in potential special

    event donors? When to start prospecting for new invitees? Where to look for new event attendees? Why should an individual give at your special event?
  3. What to look for in Special Event Donors Time Talents

    Treasures Influence Giving Capacity
  4. Social Donors •Want to network and meet new people •May

    be encouraged to give if they see others in their social circle making contributions •Members of groups such as Rotaract’s, Giving Circles, Junior Leagues •Likely to give in a peer-to-peer environment *May respond well to the “Ambassador” Approach*
  5. When to start prospecting •ALL THE TIME •Set the stage

    for next year at the close of this year’s event •Send out a save the date at least 6-12 months in advance
  6. Where to look for these potential donors •Internal within your

    organization • Board • Committees • Past donors • Giving Societies • Donor Management Data •External outside of your organization • Publications • Chamber of Commerce • Networking groups
  7. External •Business Journals “People on the Move” •Who’s Who Under

    40? •“Top Companies to Work For” •Local Industry Award Recipients •Sponsors of other nonprofit events
  8. Internal •Current Board/ Committee Members and their circle of influence

    •Current Giving Societies within your organization •Donors who have previously given •Sponsors of previous events
  9. Breaking Down Internal Barriers Every staff member is responsible for

    fundraising! Working together interdepartmentally throughout your entire organization will help you solicit and retain donors to the best of your ability!
  10. Virtual Donors Just because we are coming out of pandemic

    times, does not mean we forget what the pandemic taught us. It is more important now than ever to follow up and engage with donors who have made gifts virtually. A virtual donor can have the potential to become a major donor.
  11. Why should a donor give at your event? Philanthropic– your

    mission means something to the donor; they want to leave a legacy with their gift. The donor views their gift as an investment back into the community. Ego- the donor wants to be seen making this contribution and the recognition that comes along with it. The donor wants to be celebrated for their gift. Selfish– donors are getting something in return for their gift. Maybe this is a sponsor looking for advertising, or an auction bidder purchasing a vacation in support of your event.
  12. Diversity in the Room Just like nonprofits work to diversify

    their streams of revenue, it is important to diversify who attends your special event as well as, opportunities donors have to make a gift at your event. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!
  13. Whatever their reason for giving, funds raised from donations at

    your event is the goal! Ensuring you have at-event giving opportunities that appeal to each group of donors is the key to your success.