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The Algorithmic Future of Education

The Algorithmic Future of Education

Keynote from NWeLearn 2015


Audrey Watters

October 22, 2015


  1. The Algorithmic Future of Education Audrey Watters NWeLearn 2015 @audreywatters

  2. I. Austerity

  3. I. Austerity II. Automation

  4. I. Austerity II. Automation III. Algorithms

  5. “We are all auto-colonialized by the austerity” — Bruce Sterling

  6. “The computer is now used to reinforce School’s ways” —

    Seymour Papert
  7. “We can reverse engineer the human brain” — Sebastian Thrun

  8. “Think of it as a friendly robot-tutor in the sky”

    — Jose Ferreira
  9. “… a robot tutor that can semi read your mind”

    — Jose Ferreira
  10. “There must be an ‘industrial revolution’ in education” — Sidney

  11. None
  12. “The effect on each student is … like a private

    tutor” — B. F. Skinner
  13. “The average student under tutoring was about 2 standard deviations

    above…” — Benjamin Bloom
  14. “One can predict that in a few more years millions

    of school children will have access to what Philip of Macedon's son Alexander enjoyed as a royal prerogative: the personal services of a tutor as well-informed and responsive as Aristotle.” — Patrick Suppes
  15. “Essentially these were automated flash cards…” — Mark Urban-Lurain

  16. “[Intelligent tutoring systems] are not well grounded in a model

    of learning” — Ronni Rosenberg
  17. “Most of what computer assisted instructional systems can evaluate are

    student computational skills, which are exactly the kinds of things that computers are much better at doing than human beings” — Justin Reich
  18. “The computer programming the child” — Seymour Papert

  19. “A black box society” — Frank Pasquale

  20. “The computer programming the child” — Seymour Papert