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The Power of Inclusive Thinking

Imran Afzal
June 12, 2021

The Power of Inclusive Thinking

Exclusion happens in digital experiences when we solve problems using only our own biases. Government research show that millions of people in the UK feel excluded from ‘digitalisation’ – a reality made worse due to the pandemic.

Inclusive Thinking is an approach that can help change this. This talk will focus on how inclusive thinking can ensure that technology and digital touch points are designed to deliver increased access, reduce friction and more emotional context to the largest number of customers possible.

Imran Afzal

June 12, 2021

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  1. Curse of Knowledge We all suffer from a cognitive bias

    forcing us to assume others have the same knowledge as us @avimran
  2. “The scarce resource of the 21st century will not be

    technology; it will be attention.” Mark Weiser @avimran Attention
  3. Inclusive Thinking Ronald Mace coined the terms ‘Universal Thinking &

    Design’ Ideas and thinking rooted in the diversity of society @avimran
  4. 1. Overcome Personal Bias Move away from your bias –

    don’t create for yourself or focus on your abilities @avimran
  5. 3. Be Resilient Inclusive Thinking takes effort and resilience because

    it demands a journey involving change @avimran
  6. 4. Seek Out Exclusion Seek out points of exclusion, educate

    and build towards inclusion Colour Language Instructions Interaction Attention @avimran