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Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL with Azure | Azure Webinar Series | Sai Srirampur & Saurabh Modi

Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL with Azure | Azure Webinar Series | Sai Srirampur & Saurabh Modi

Join this webinar to learn why more and more businesses are migrating their workloads from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Learn about the benefits of moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL and how our fully managed service, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, can help your organization.

You’ll also:

- Understand the business advantages of migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. 
- Learn why PostgreSQL has been known as the “most loved” operational database in open source.* 
- Discover additional benefits of migrating to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. 

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  1. How do I ask a question? If you have a

    technical or content-related question, please use the Q&A window We will address the questions as they come in Can I view this presentation after the webinar? Yes, this presentation is being recorded A link to the recorded presentation will be sent to the email address you used to register Welcome
  2. Webinar Learning Objectives • Introduction to Postgres and benefits of

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL. • Learn why customers are selecting Postgres to modernize Oracle workloads. • Demo, migrating Oracle to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Learn what a typical migration path can look like. At the end of the session, you should be better able to…
  3. PostgreSQL is more popular than ever Why PostgreSQL? Open source

    Proven resilience & stability enterprise- ready • Extensible and tooling Rich feature set • Rich indexing and data types, including geospatial
  4. © 2019 Microsoft Corporation Azure V.1 – Q3 FY20 With

    Azure, PhD not required Fully managed OSS community databases on MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB Integrates Azure services with streamlined provisioning and management experience for common OSS frameworks and languages Secure and compliant with Advanced Threat Protection and Azure IP Advantage Best total cost of ownership with built in HA with 99.99% SLA Enterprise-ready Easy migration Developer productivity Built-in intelligence optimizes performance and security Enterprise scale with Hyperscale Scale PostgreSQL databases across 100s of nodes with Hyperscale
  5. Reasons to migrate Oracle to Azure PostgreSQL Migrate Oracle PL/SQL

    stored procedures, queries, datatypes, packages, sequences etc. to PostgreSQL with little or no code changes Although incompatibilities exist, experts say migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL is no costlier than upgrading from one major version of Oracle to the next major version of Oracle Oracle Azure POSTGRESQL PL/PGSQL IS HIGHLY COMPATIBLE WITH ORACLE PL/SQL LOWERING MIGRATION COST AND RISK
  6. M A N A G E D C O M

    M U N I T Y V E R S I O N Focus on your apps by leaving the management and patching of your infrastructure and database to an enterprise-ready cloud service with: • Automatic updates • Automatic security fixes • Automatic new feature updates PostgreSQL: 9.5, 9.6, 10, and 11 Reasons to migrate Oracle to Azure PostgreSQL
  7. Oracle to PostgreSQL | Cost of Ownership Customers migrate from

    Oracle to Azure database for PostgreSQL to reduce overall cost of ownership by up to 95% in savings* Configuration is based on a 4 socket, 32 core x86 possessor Oracle Cloud Service editions are based on virtual machines • *Oracle licensing for Enterprise Edition is based on number of processors which is derived by multiplying the number of cores by a factor. In the case of this example it is 32 cores multiplied by .5 for x86 resulting in 16 processors. • **Annual maintenance and support for Oracle is 22% of the annual license cost. • ***Oracle standard terms for Enterprise Edition is 50% of list pricing for 3 years. This example accounts for the 50% list pricing for 3 years in the total. Oracle Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition Oracle Database Cloud Service Enterprise Edition High Performance Oracle Enterprise Edition Azure Database for PostgreSQL Database $9,599 / month $19,801 / month $47,500* / per CPU $2,046.34 / month Virtual Private Database Included Included Included Row level security Partitioning Not included Included $11,500* / per CPU Included Data Guard Not included Not included $11,500* / per CPU Included Spatial Not included Included $17,500* / per CPU Included Diagnostics Included Included $7,500* / per CPU Included Tuning Pack Included Included $5,000* / per CPU Included Lifecycle Management Pack Not included Included $12,000* / per CPU Included as part of OSS tool suite Total Capex $0 $0 $1,800,000* $0 Annual Support / Maintenance per Server (Opex) Included Included $396,000** Included Total 3 Year Cost of Ownership $345,564 $712,836 $3,294,000*** $73,668 Estimates Only
  8. Migration | Migrating a database Inventory database assets, and application

    stack discovery Assess workloads and fix recommen dations Convert the source schema to work in the target environment. This is only relevant for heterogeneous migrations. Remediate applications Iteratively make any necessary changes to your applications Run functional & performance tests Iteratively run functional and performance tests Optimize Based on the tests you performed, address any performance issues, and then retest to confirm the performance improvements Pre-migration Discover Assess Convert Migrate the source schema, and then migrate the source data to the target Sync your target schema and data with the source. This is only relevant for minimal- downtime migrations Cut over from the source to the target environment. This is only relevant for minimal- downtime migrations Migrate schema, data & objects Data sync Cutover Migration Post-migration
  9. Oracle to PostgreSQL End to End Migration Example • Schema

    Migration -ora2pg / Azure DMS • App/DB Migration • Stored procs in Oracle to Postgres – ora2pg • Oracle SQL Queries generated from application to PostgreSQL compatible queries- ora2pg • Drivers/ORMs for making databases agnostic – use PostgreSQL driver. • Ex: JDBC/Hibernate in Java. • Data Migration • Azure DMS – online data migration Azure DMS
  10. Summary ich indexing and data types, (including geospatial). • Customers

    are moving from Oracle to Azure Database for PostgreSQL: - PL/PGSQL is highly compatible with PL/SQL making migrations easier and reducing risk. - TCO - Azure Database for PostgreSQL is based on community edition, no lock-in • Leverage Microsoft’s expertise, IP, and tooling to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
  11. Q&A Subject matter experts will be available to answer questions

    for the next 10 minutes. Please submit your questions using the Q&A window.