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August 2018 Meetup: Blockchain Adoption in the Enterprise & the Azure Blockchain Offering by Stefano Tempesta

August 2018 Meetup: Blockchain Adoption in the Enterprise & the Azure Blockchain Offering by Stefano Tempesta

In this session we dive into the current state of affairs on Blockchain technology adoption in the enterprise. We take a look at the opportunities and challenges that come with Blockchain technology and catch a glimpse into the area of Azure Confidential Computing.

Speaker: Stefano Tempesta
Stefano is a Speaker, blogger, author, event organizer and technology ambassador of beautiful software...

His interests extend to Blockchain, Microservice architectures and A.I.-related technologies. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for AI and Business Applications. He is a passionate traveler, a poor musician, and an avid learner of new technologies and (programming) languages.

You can find him at:

Azure Zurich User Group

August 23, 2018

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  1. Agenda ▪ 18:15 Talk 1: Blockchain Adoption in the Enterprise

    & The Azure Blockchain Offering Stefano Tempesta, Azure Zurich ▪ 19:00 Snacks and Drinks ▪ 19:30 Talk 2: The Azure Blockchain Workbench Michele Tedesco & Henri Dethier, Microsoft www.azurezurichusergroup.com - [email protected] – https://www.twitter.com/azurezurich 2
  2. Azure Zurich - Who Are We? Stefano Tempesta www.tempesta.space @stefanotempesta

    Manuel Meyer www.manuelmeyer.net @manumeyer1 www.azurezurichusergroup.com - [email protected] – https://www.twitter.com/azurezurich 3
  3. What do We Want? • Speak about Azure • Learn

    about Azure www.azurezurichusergroup.com - [email protected] – https://www.twitter.com/azurezurich 4 "Build a strong Azure Community in Switzerland"
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    PR into .NET and other OSS Tales», Adam Ralph «Authentication & Authorization for APIs in ASP.NET Core», Filip Wojcieszyn «Do it yourself. An Async Message Pump That Kicks Ass», Daniel Marbach «DevOps and Stuff», Marc Müller • 30.10.2018 Azure Zurich Machine Learning Night 2 «Azure Machine Learning», TBA «An introduction to Reinforcement Learning (ML)», Christian Hidber • 18.12.2018 Azure Zurich Ask The Azure Experts Anything Dave Kurth, Marcel Zehner, Laurent Bugnion https://www.azurezurichusergroup.com www.azurezurichusergroup.com - [email protected] – https://www.twitter.com/azurezurich 5
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