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Food for (AI) Thought: Peak Ace Dinner Series - SMX Munich 2024

Food for (AI) Thought: Peak Ace Dinner Series - SMX Munich 2024

A selection of Peak Ace clients, friends and colleagues from the industry gathered at beautiful Little London in Munich again for a Pre-SMX-Dinner. Not only did we enjoy phenomenal food (of course), but also discussed all things AI.

Bastian Grimm

March 11, 2024

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  2. 5 peakace.agency Around $200 billion USD worldwide by 2025... Amazon,

    for example, invested $4 billion in Anthropic, Google is adding another $2 billion ... And these are just two of the larger deals in recent months. Source: https://pa.ag/47nSJjv
  3. My brain vs. everything happening in AI Hope Excitement WOW!

    Surprise Oh shit! Really!? Scared Fear Worry
  4. From healthcare to education and jobs - hardly any aspect

    of our everyday lives will remain unaffected by AI. AI is changing everything
  5. 11 peakace.agency Google has been very successful with its product

    launches recently… NOT! The whole debacle actually started months, even years ago – but let‘s just say the last 18 months have been exceptionally bad: Source: https://pa.ag/3SL0o7L & https://pa.ag/46ckFpQ & https://pa.ag/3uct7bl
  6. How badly (and how often) can you really f*ck it

    up? Google needs a new marketing agency (*wink wink*)
  7. Search Generative Experience (SGE) "SGE is an early step in

    transforming the Search experience with generative AI. When using SGE, people will notice their search results page with familiar web results, organized in a new way […]”
  8. 15 peakace.agency Source information, can be expanded/ opened with a

    click Via AI-generated textual summaries of topics (using different formats) Entry into conversation mode, incl. AI-generated suggestions/query refinements Thematically appropriate image, usually from the first (old) organic result Three (or more) organic results; link directly to external sources. Main sources for the content in the SGE snippet
  9. 16 peakace.agency Some fresh numbers: In travel, SGE appears for

    78% of searches According to Brightedge, the impact would be enormous - but that would require Google to immediately roll out the SGE in its current form - I don't think so... Source: https://peakace.agency/en/latest/sge-travel-deepdive/ & https://pa.ag/3V3iwL4 It’s likely that once SGE goes live, it will have an impact on Google marketers' advertising revenues of over $40bn per year [Brightedge]:
  10. In the future, one way to gain brand recognition and

    equity will be by appearing in LLMs (including ChatGPT, Claude & others). Blocking LLMs is a mistake!
  11. 18 peakace.agency And Google may have to deal with another

    problem soon-ish OpenAI has announced that they are developing their own web search... I’m not quite convinced yet, but we'll see: Source: https://pa.ag/49BN6jq OpenAI is said to be using Bing search […] a combination of a GPT-4 with Bing Search, plus something in the middle. […] what OpenAI is not doing is developing its own search indexing technology, it’s using Bing. What’s left then for OpenAI to do to create a search engine is to devise how the search interface interacts with GPT-4 and Bing. And Bing has already solved that by using what Microsoft calls an orchestration layer.
  12. 20 peakace.agency AI recognises vocal differences in the voice Medical

    researchers have trained an AI to recognise 14 vocal differences in the voice of someone with type 2 diabetes compared to someone without diabetes: Source: https://pa.ag/4bW0mAR The auditory features that the AI focused on included slight changes in pitch and intensity, which human ears cannot distinguish.
  13. 21 peakace.agency Understanding basic biology (better) with AlphaFold "By unlocking

    the modeling of protein and ligand structures together with nucleic acids and those containing post- translational modifications, our model provides a more rapid and accurate tool for examining fundamental biology.” Source: https://pa.ag/40IuR87 The healthcare system will improve (and it desperately needs to) ▪ Agents will also help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions and be more productive. ▪ Agents will help patients to triage more easily, get advice on how to deal with health problems and decide whether they should seek treatment.
  14. 22 peakace.agency Humans and robots communicating via EEG interface "NOIR,

    a general-purpose, intelligent brain-robot interface system that enables humans to command robots to perform everyday activities through brain signals.” Source: https://pa.ag/3SIXi41 Our system demonstrates success in an expansive array of 20 challenging, everyday household activities […] The effectiveness is improved by its synergistic integration of robot learning algorithms, allowing for NOIR to adapt to individual users and predict their intentions […] The robot does the cooking, the necessary instructions come from just thinking about it.
  15. 23 peakace.agency Aya provides AI researchers with a groundbreaking foundation

    to accelerate multilingual AI progress Source: https://pa.ag/4bYlk27 & https://pa.ag/3P7Ocev AI falls short in many languages; Aya aims to fix that:
  16. 24 peakace.agency Autonomous AI growing at a CAGR of 43%

    ($29 billion USD) Experimental systems running on GPT-4 or similar models are attracting billions of dollars in investment as Silicon Valley tries to capitalise on the advances. Source: https://pa.ag/3rWPMHe
  17. 25 peakace.agency This will be super cool once agents actually

    know us Because we no longer will have to specify our preferences and will only receive proposals needing final approval. Hey Bastian, may I book your flights to #smx for you today, as per usual? peakace.agency
  18. 27 peakace.agency LLM Agents can autonomously hack websites Research indicates

    strong scaling laws and significantly lower costs compared to current methods. Source: https://pa.ag/3V1SUOw We show that LLM agents can auto- nomously hack websites, performing tasks as […] SQL injections without human feedback. Importantly, the agent does not need to know the vulnerability beforehand. […] we show that GPT-4 is capable of such hacks [and] is capable of autono- mously finding vulnerabilities in websites in the wild.
  19. 28 peakace.agency Mistral 7B: open AI model arrives without ethical

    boundaries Source: https://pa.ag/3Q9KQbQ & https://pa.ag/45pSi74 The open-source AI model even answers questions about highly criminal activities without any limitations. This can no longer be undone, as Mistral has published the language model via torrent.
  20. 29 peakace.agency The US power grid is not prepared for

    a greatly increased load “Annual peak demand growth forecasts appear headed for growth rates that are double or even triple those in recent years” [Grid Strategies] Source: https://pa.ag/3v6p1SO
  21. 30 peakace.agency Gen AI ‘undressing’ images move from niche to

    mainstream Creators of synthetic NCII, also known as “undressing” images, manipulate existing photos and video footage of real individuals to make them appear nude without their consent: Source: https://pa.ag/4bWRXxd
  22. 31 peakace.agency Let‘s not even get started on misinformation (at-scale):

    Source: https://pa.ag/47Cy7nM & https://pa.ag/3MLCLrC
  23. 33 peakace.agency AI on the battlefield: Use is likely to

    increase in the future “No military officially operates fully autonomous weapons systems to date. The fact that such systems are not yet being widely deployed has one main reason: the required AI technology does not yet exist.” Source: https://pa.ag/433i3KT What role AI will play in the future of warfare depends on who plays by the rules of warfare and who doesn’t. The U.S. would adhere to strict ethical guidelines, according to a U.S. Air Force general. But that should not be expected of a potential adversary.
  24. Many computer scientists who thought near-term AGI was impossible have

    changed their mind. The timeline shrank by 13 years in one year…