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Celebrate ClojureX with CIDER!

Celebrate ClojureX with CIDER!

Slide-deck from my presentation at ClojureX 2017 in London.

Bozhidar Batsov

December 05, 2017

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  1. M-x

  2. CIDER is like a box of chocolates. You never know

    what’s the error you’re going to get next. — Forest Grump
  3. People say the best debugger is a good night’s sleep.

    Well, it’s clear they haven’t used CIDER’s debugger. — Diana Prints
  4. The amount of articles you have to read to get

    CIDER working with ClojureScript is comparable to the size of “War and Peace”! — Luke Parenwalker
  5. Ever since I switched to Emacs and CIDER for Clojure

    development the local grocery store doubled the volume of alcohol they were selling monthly. — Mick Swagger
  6. CIDER can supposedly do everything, but I can’t figure out

    how to do anything with it. — Hairy Porter
  7. Stacktrace Improvements • Stacktraces in the REPL have clickable code

    locations • Project root namespace is highlighted in REPL stacktraces • You can filter a stacktrace to just the frames that are related to your project
  8. Documentation improvements • Format nicely code blocks in Grimoire buffers

    • Support special forms in cider-apropos and cider-grimoire- lookup • Use view-mode for Grimoire buffers
  9. Misc • Reconnect to the same host & port after

    cider-restart • Enhanced ElDoc for Datamic queries (disabled by default) • Reader conditionals font-locking
  10. Misc • Make it possible to load all files in

    a project (cider-load-all- files) • Easier browsing of the REPL history (cider-repl-history) • Improved integration with compliment and fuzzy completion support for company-mode • Many new configuration options • Make the debugger more robust (no more “Method code too large!” errors)
  11. inf-clojure 2.0 • Planck support • Lumo support • Socket

    REPL support (via inf-clojure-connect) • Font-locking in the REPL
  12. Decouple CIDER from nREPL • Introduce some backend independent connection

    API in CIDER • Extract the nREPL client code to a separate library • Split cider-nrepl into a REPL-agnostic library and nREPL middleware leveraging it
  13. Me • Crazy work-load • A ton of open-source project

    I’m involved with • A home remodeling gone wrong • I’m not doing much Clojure these days