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How to be a user experience designer without losing your soul

How to be a user experience designer without losing your soul

Every designer worries about being a slave to the corporate fat cats, but if you focus on helping people with their problems, you can avoid eternal damnation and sleep a little better at night.


Benjy Stanton

April 07, 2016


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  4. How to be a UX designer without losing your soul


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  9. Less design jargon bullshit

  10. –http://tinyurl.com/k36qx3x “Everything we do is about growing value. We do

    it through a holistic approach called “Fusing Business Logic with Brand Magic” ”
  11. More helping people

  12. UX!

  13. What is UX?

  14. {insert bad analogy here}

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  16. – @uivsux “UI is web 2.0 stuff, UX is another

    ketchup bottle”
  17. I’m interested in the little details

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  26. design + content = helping people

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  30. S ,

  31. This playground is unsupervised. Only you know your child’s ability.

    It is your responsibility to make sure they play safely.
  32. This playground is unsupervised Please make sure your kids play

  33. Dark patterns

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  37. Tools

  38. –Bollocks “A bad workman blames his tools.”

  39. –Benjy “A bad workmaner doesn’t invest in his their tools.”

  40. Sketch

  41. iA Writer

  42. Atom

  43. GitHub

  44. Chrome

  45. Less “design”, more everything else

  46. Spend less time in Photoshop

  47. spend more time writing content

  48. more time 
 in the browser 
 (or at the

  49. more time understanding users

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  51. Usability test homework:

  52. Observe somebody using your design

  53. Accessibility homework:

  54. Learn to use assistive tech e.g. VoiceOver for Mac or

    NVDA for Windows Refer to http://webaim.org/standards/wcag/checklist
  55. Accessibility Fails http://aduggin.github.io/accessibility-fails/

  56. –Government Digital Service “Do the hard work to make it

  57. My top tips to help you not lose your soul

    * may not actually help your soul *
  58. 1. Care about the little details 2. Get the right

    tools for the job 3. Fight for the user!
  59. Thanks benjystanton