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Code Club Raspberry Jams update

Ben Nuttall
November 24, 2016

Code Club Raspberry Jams update

Update given to Code Club regional coordinators on Raspberry Pi Foundation support for Raspberry Jams

Ben Nuttall

November 24, 2016

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  1. None
  2. Raspberry Pi Foundation Putting the power of digital making into

    the hands of people all over the world
  3. Raspberry Jams Providing opportunities for people to get involved in

    digital making with Raspberry Pi, to further their abilities, to engage with the community, and to have fun.
  4. Raspberry Jam @ Pi Towers

  5. Raspberry Jam @ Google Garage

  6. Community & Outreach team • Clare Sutcliffe • Ben Nuttall

    • Helen Drury • Olivia Robinson
  7. We have a plan!

  8. 1. Build a strong community of Raspberry Jam makers •

    Slack team for Jam makers • Google+ community • Twitter chat • Jam maker meet-ups
  9. 2. Prepare people for running a great Raspberry Jam •

    Playbook: How to set up and run a great Raspberry Jam • Comprehensive online guidance on setting up a Jam • In-person training for Jam Makers - helped by Jam Makers
  10. 3. Provide resources and assets to help a Raspberry Jam

    grow • Website template for your Jam • Short activities for use at Jams • Marketing materials (poster, flyer, logo, images, signage) • Jam starter pack • Increased access to equipment
  11. 4. Increase visibility of Raspberry Jams • Improvements to the

    Jam pages on raspberrypi.org • Social media engagement to promote attendance at Jams • Blogging about Jams more regularly • Increase visibility of Jams at flagship events
  12. 5. Measure impact of Raspberry Jams for future improvement •

    Collecting feedback from attendees for use by Jam Makers and RPF
  13. Programmes

  14. Filling the gaps

  15. How can you help? • Find out about Jams in

    your region – Speak to the organisers – See what help and support they need – Let me know • Help set up Jams in your region • Introduce me to potential Jam makers • I will contact you about new Jams in your region – Please help promote
  16. None