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Raspberry Pi and the Community - Wimbledon Jam

Raspberry Pi and the Community - Wimbledon Jam

Opening talk given at Wimbledon Raspberry Jam

Ben Nuttall

June 26, 2016

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  1. Raspberry Pi and the community
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    UK Charity 1129409

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  2. Ben Nuttall

    Raspberry Pi Community Manager
    – Programmes & outreach
    – Software & project development
    – Learning resources & teacher training

    Hobbyist turned employee

    Based in Cambridge

    From Sheffield / Manchester

    @ben_nuttall on Twitter

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  3. Raspberry Pi Foundation

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  4. Raspberry Pi Foundation Strategy
    “Putting the power of digital making into the hands of people all
    over the world”

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  5. Raspberry Pi computers

    We produce low-cost high-
    power computers

    They keep getting better
    and/or cheaper :)

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  6. Over 9 Million Raspberry Pis sold

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  7. Raspberry Pi in Schools

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  8. Education

    We train teachers in

    We create free resources for
    use at home and school

    We run programmes to
    engage young people in
    digital making

    We support a network of Code
    Clubs in Primary Schools

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  9. Picademy

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  10. Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

    Teach, Learn and Make


    Creative Commons

    Created by Raspberry Pi
    Education Team

    Scratch, Python and more

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  11. Programmes

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  12. Software


    GPIO Zero


    Sonic Pi

    – Minecraft
    – Mathematica
    – Node RED
    – Oracle Java

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  13. www.raspberrypi.org

    Daily blog articles – news,
    projects and stories

    OS Downloads

    Help pages


    Community sites


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  14. Raspberry Pi Weekly

    Free weekly email newsletter

    Raspberry Pi news, projects
    and articles

    3 years of issues on the


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  15. The MagPi

    Community magazine established
    in 2012 (as free PDF download)

    Now the official Raspberry Pi

    Paper copies on sale in UK shops
    and online

    Still a free PDF download

    Occasionally comes with a free

    Book series (also available for free)

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  16. Raspberry Pi Community

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  17. Raspberry Jam

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  18. Raspberry Jam

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  19. Community leaders

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  20. Young community leaders

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  21. Young community leaders today!

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  22. Raspberry Pi and the community
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    UK Charity 1129409

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