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Teach, Learn and Make with Raspberry Pi - Estonia webinar

Ben Nuttall
August 20, 2015

Teach, Learn and Make with Raspberry Pi - Estonia webinar

Webinar on Raspberry Pi in education for teachers at the the Informatics Summer School in Estonia

Ben Nuttall

August 20, 2015

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  1. Teach, Learn and Make
    with Raspberry Pi
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    UK Charity 1129409

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  2. Raspberry Pi Foundation

    Registered UK charity 1129409

    Founded in 2009 to aid computing education

    On general sale since 2012, available to all worldwide
    – Sold to education, industry and hobbyists
    – Sold 6 million to date

    Free learning resources for makers and educators

    Free teacher training - Picademy (currently UK, soon USA)

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  3. Ben Nuttall

    Education Developer Advocate
    at the Raspberry Pi Foundation
    – Software & project development
    – Learning resources & teacher
    – Outreach

    Hobbyist turned employee

    Based in Cambridge, UK

    @ben_nuttall on Twitter

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  4. Raspberry Pi

    Credit card sized computer

    $35 / €32

    Made in the UK

    – in education
    – in industry
    – by hobbyists

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  5. Raspberry Pi: Why?

    A programmable device the price of a textbook

    Skills shortage and lack of understanding
    – Programming
    – Computer systems
    – Engineering

    1980s computer era
    – Home computing was difficult, but created skilled users

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  6. 29 February 2012

    Raspberry Pi Model B on
    general sale

    10, 000 in stock

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  7. 29 February 2012

    Raspberry Pi Model B on
    general sale

    10, 000 in stock

    100, 000 sold on first day

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  8. Raspberry Pi Community

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  9. Raspberry Jam

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  10. Raspberry Pi in Schools

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  11. 6 Million Raspberry Pis sold

    Minor revisions

    Model A

    Model B+

    Model A+

    Raspberry Pi 2

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  12. Education

    Hired education team

    £1m Education Fund

    Picademy - free teacher
    training course

    Free learning resources

    Improvements to software

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  13. Raspberry Pi Setup

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  14. What do I need?

    USB mouse

    USB keyboard

    USB power supply

    Monitor or TV

    HDMI cable

    Micro SD card

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  15. Optional extras


    Ethernet cable

    USB WiFi dongle

    Camera module

    USB Bluetooth dongle

    Speakers or headphones

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  16. The SD Card

    This is your hard drive
    – Operating system
    – Files + programs

    Buy pre-installed or download and install using your PC

    NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software)
    – Easy installer
    – Drag & drop
    – Contains Raspbian

    – Full operating system
    – Lots of useful software pre-installed

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  17. Getting started

    Insert SD card

    Connect mouse & keyboard

    Connect HDMI cable

    Connect power supply

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  18. Booting the Pi

    Boot messages are shown

    Learning opportunity
    – What's happening?
    – Are there any errors?
    – Encourages questions

    Pi 1 = 1 Raspberry
    Pi 2 = 4 Raspberries
    (hint: single core vs. quad core)

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  19. Logging in
    username: pi
    password: raspberry
    Note: password not shown
    when typing

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  20. Command line

    The Pi is ready and awaiting
    your command!

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  21. startx
    To boot to Desktop – and a full
    Graphical User Interface (GUI),
    type the command startx and
    press Enter
    Note: You can configure the Pi
    to boot to Desktop or boot to
    the command line

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  22. The Terminal

    A window with a command
    line prompt

    Enter commands to run
    while you're using the

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  23. raspi-config
    Open a Terminal window and
    enter sudo raspi-config
    sudo means “super user do” -
    runs the command with
    administrator privileges

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  24. raspi-config

    Enable boot to Desktop

    – Locale
    – Timezone
    – Keyboard layout

    Enable camera module

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  25. Main Menu

    Launch programming

    Web browser

    Preferences and settings

    Shutdown & reboot

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  26. Internet connection

    Connect ethernet cable before
    boot and it just works

    Connect ethernet cable after
    boot usually works too

    WiFi dropdown menu

    Check your IP address
    – Hover over WiFi icon
    – hostname -I (in terminal)

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  27. Scratch

    Drag & drop block interface
    to programming


    Computational thinking

    Easy to make games

    Impossible to create a
    program that fails to run!

    Recommended for young

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  28. Sonic Pi

    Sound synthesiser for creating

    Audible computing

    Uses simple syntax text-based
    programming language Ruby

    Used for compositions and live
    coding performances

    Introduce computing concepts
    through music

    Created especially for education

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  29. Python

    Powerful extensible
    programming language

    Easy to read and write

    Make software, games, GUIs,
    websites, robots and more

    Ideal for physical computing

    Extensive library of additional
    modules for Raspberry Pi

    Recommended for education

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  30. Minecraft: Pi Edition

    Free version of Minecraft on
    Raspberry Pi

    Python programming

    Learn Python by building
    things and making games in

    Creative computing

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  31. Mathematica

    Expensive proprietary
    software – free on Raspberry

    Powerful scientific

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  32. Physical computing

    Flashy lights

    Motors & robots

    Photo & video


    Internet of Things

    Engaging and empowering

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  33. GPIO Pins – General Purpose Input/Output

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  34. Python library - RPi.GPIO

    Included in Raspbian

    – Configure pins as input/output
    – Read inputs (high/low)
    – Set outputs (high/low)
    – Wait for edge (wait for input to go high/low)
    – Pin event detection (callback on input pin change)

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  35. Scratch GPIO

    Third-party download gives
    access to GPIO pins

    Soon to be implemented in
    default Scratch

    Drag & drop programming
    for robots and more!

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  36. Flash an LED

    “Hello world” program of
    physical computing

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  37. 3V3 = always on

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  38. GPIO = user controllable

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  39. Flash LED with Python
    from RPi import GPIO
    from time import sleep
    led = 2
    GPIO.setup(led, GPIO.OUT)
    while True:
    GPIO.output(led, True)
    GPIO.output(led, False)

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  40. CamJam EduKit

    £5 starter kit

    £7 sensors kit

    Free worksheets

    Very reusable

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  41. HATs

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  42. Pi in the Sky

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  43. The sky is the limit...

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  44. ...or is it?

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  45. Astro Pi

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  46. Sense HAT

    8x8 RGB LED matrix

    Mini joystick




    Temperature sensor

    Barometric pressure sensor

    Humidity sensor

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  47. www.raspberrypi.org

    Daily blog articles – news,
    projects and stories


    Help pages


    Community sites


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  48. Raspberry Pi Learning Resources

    Teach, Learn and Make


    Creative Commons

    Created by Raspberry Pi
    Education Team

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  49. piweekly.net

    Free weekly email newsletter

    Raspberry Pi news, projects
    and articles

    2 years of issues on the

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  50. The MagPi

    Community magazine
    established in 2012

    Now the official Raspberry Pi

    Paper copies on sale in UK
    shops and online

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  51. Teach, Learn and Make
    with Raspberry Pi
    Ben Nuttall
    Raspberry Pi Foundation
    UK Charity 1129409

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