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Get Sh*t Done

Ben Lopatin
September 26, 2011

Get Sh*t Done

Leverage your synergies and exploit blue ocean market segments with GSD, a 21st Century productivity framework.

Ben Lopatin

September 26, 2011

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  1. Get Sh*t Done A productivity framework for the Twenty-first Century

  2. GSD is a framework for people who need to get

    shit done.
  3. GSD will not help you achieve self- actualization.

  4. You don’t need to buy any books or tapes or

    special software.
  5. Here’s how it works: 1. Have shit to do? 2.

    Get your shit done. 3. Repeat.
  6. Good examples of shit you need to do: File your

    tax return Fire the guy who spends his workday reading productivity blogs Test the next development iteration Respond to customer questions Sleep Fix the glitch Make awesome products Hit your deadline
  7. Bad examples of shit you need to do: Anything that

    starts with “Facebook” Check email... again Tweet all day Meetings without ironclad agendas Meetings without hard time limits (Most meetings, really) Read the latest productivity blog
  8. Identify what you need to do and what you don’t

    need to do. Do the former.
  9. Now go get some shit done already.

  10. Credits: Presentation by Ben Lopatin, © 2010 http://twitter.com/bennylope Thanks to

    Julie for the term.