Successfully Hire, Mentor, Retain, and Lead Design Teams

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September 09, 2019

Successfully Hire, Mentor, Retain, and Lead Design Teams

Finding highly-qualified professionals and then managing them successfully is one of the most difficult tasks leaders face. Just a small number of poor performers can bring down a team and impact delivering a great product. On top of poor hiring practices, when leaders fail to inspire, enable and provide an environment where their team can collaborate and thrive, they will consistently produce mediocre results.

In this session you’ll discover:
• how to successfully research potential candidates;
• writing effective job descriptions;
• recruiting, interviewing, and hiring techniques;
• keeping recruits interested, growing, and contributing back to the team;
• activities to help you be more effective and productive leader: effective 1:1’s, candid coaching & feedback, & how to parting ways with poor performers


Bermon Painter

September 09, 2019