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Beth Turner - Brighton SEO deck

Beth Turner - Brighton SEO deck

Brighton SEO talk

Make changes and grow a department without disruption

Beth Turner

September 07, 2023

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  1. Make changes and grow a department without disruption Beth Turner

    ilk Agency Speakerdeck.com/bethturner_ @bethturner_
  2. @bethturner_ The thought of making changes can be a scary

    thing, especially in a new role #brightonseo
  3. #brightonseo @bethturner_ CONFIDENCE Making Changes: Confidence is about asserting yourself

    in a way that's comfortable for you - not about being 'difficult'
  4. @bethturner_ #brightonseo Change without disruption: COMMUNICATION Ensure all change is

    clearly communicated to the team, and they feel listened to
  5. Educate on the value of what you're changing. The more

    people understand, the easier it will be to adapt #brightonseo @bethturner_ Change without disruption: EDUCATION
  6. @bethturner_ Never preach to your team and position change as

    an opportunity for learning #brightonseo Change without disruption: REMINDERS
  7. @bethturner_ Use Microsoft or Google forms to survey teams on

    training needs. Keep responses anonymous #brightonseo Upskilling a team: SURVEYS
  8. @bethturner_ #brightonseo Upskilling a team: Set up training on top

    priorities, and use as a continual resource SURVEYS
  9. @bethturner_ #brightonseo Upskilling a team: 1-2-1 CHATS Talk directly to

    your team, or managers, about training wants and needs
  10. @bethturner_ #brightonseo Upskilling a team: EMPLOYEE OBJECTIVES These can help

    see any consistent areas of improvement in the team
  11. @bethturner_ The more you can educate on the value of

    what you're trying to achieve, the better #brightonseo The final WORD
  12. @bethturner_ Work with the team, wider company and clients to

    ensure change works for them #brightonseo The final WORD
  13. @bethturner_ Remember you're the expert, don't bow down if you

    believe change is the right thing to do #brightonseo The final WORD