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This presentation is about Biometrics and how it works


Bhaskar Machcha

November 04, 2012


  1. Bhaskar Machcha

  2. Forget passwords ... Forget PIN numbers ... Forget all your

    security concerns ... Bhaskar Machcha
  3. What is Biometric? How it Works? Types.. Applications Advantages Risk

    Conclusion Bhaskar Machcha
  4. “measurable physiological or behavioral trait that can be captured and

    subsequently compared with another instance at the time of verification”. Matching of finger prints, voice patterns, hand geometry, Iris & Retina Scans, vein patterns are physiological characteristics. Bhaskar Machcha
  5. There is an enrollment process where in each new user

    is required to register on to the biometric system. A few samples are taken to measure the physical traits such as finger print or a retinal scan. An average is taken from these readings which is then used to produce a template. Bhaskar Machcha
  6. A template is a very small amount of information when

    compared to the original measurement of the biometric and is nothing more than a collection of numbers which have no meaning except to the biometric system that produced them. Once the biometric data is collected it is encrypted and stored. Bhaskar Machcha
  7. Finger Printing • measures the unique pattern of lines on

    a persons finger Bhaskar Machcha
  8. Iris Scanning • measures the iris patter in the colored

    part of the eye Bhaskar Machcha
  9. Retinal Scan • measures the blood vessel patterns in the

    back of the eye Bhaskar Machcha
  10. Voice Recognition • measures the vocal characteristics of a person

    using a specific phrase Bhaskar Machcha
  11.  Criminal identification  Prison security  Highly Secured Zones

     Aviation security  Different Companies  Database access Bhaskar Machcha
  12. The biggest advantage that biometrics can offer is security and

    convenience. A biometric cannot be transferred between individuals and represents a unique identifier. While passwords and PINs can be stolen and recreated. Templates are useless when stolen since they will work only with live sample for comparison. Bhaskar Machcha
  13. The highly secure way of identifying users This identification of

    users though biometrics cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten Bhaskar Machcha
  14. Generic attacks Presentation of a fake biometric (spoofing) Interception of

    biometric data between device and storage Bhaskar Machcha
  15. Overriding the final decision to match the biometric data Dummy

    silicone fingers Check for livelyness is not in some systems Bhaskar Machcha
  16. The Best tool for modern world Most Secure one Time

    Saving Strong Encryption.. Bhaskar Machcha
  17. Bhaskar Machcha