Your organization needs an OSPO, or be ready to fail!

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October 04, 2019

Your organization needs an OSPO, or be ready to fail!

Talk abstract: Open source is becoming the main ingredient for companies to success. To achieve it, companies need to manage efficiently their relationship with open source projects. And that’s the main goal for companies’ Open Source Program Office (OSPO).

During this talk, you will learn about the benefits of having an OSPO in your organization, why should companies adapt to open source and adopt an OSPO, how it makes a difference to have a team responsible for viewing, managing, making critical decisions, contributions back to open source projects, and providing oversight for open source initiatives on their company and where they should start. Also, we will give real examples of how companies are doing this today and their impact for the community, like Samsung Open Source Group, Uber, and others.

Additionally, you will learn about communities and initiatives to help you having a successful OSPO, like TODO Group and CHAOSS, the importance of CHAOSS to give actual data and insights about open source projects and a bigger perspective with analytics dashboards, and how data and metrics from the OSPO can help companies tackle their corporate strategy.



October 04, 2019