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Yoga Journal UXDi research

July 03, 2013

Yoga Journal UXDi research

Student research project


July 03, 2013

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  1. 1. 3. 2. 4. 5. Top Ten Findings on Practitioner

    Needs Yoga Instruction & Injury Prevention Practitioners, regardless of skill level, want clear and detialed instruction on yoga poses. Their focus is on education for injury prevention. Fitting Yoga into a Busy Lifestyle Beginners and advanced practioners acknowledge the wide diversity of yoga styles, and seek information by style category. Information on Diverse Yoga Styles Most practioners interviewed lead busy lives, and appreciate quick and accessible information on fitting yoga into their schedules. Yoga as a Social Activity Due to a wide vareity of skill levels, practitioners value different types of content, and require clear navigation and searchability. Regardless of skill level, most practitioners valued yoga as a social activity. 6. 8. 7. 9. 10. Interest In Gear All practitioners interviewed required similar types of gear and related products. Interest in Special Events Practitioners were interested in special events such as retreats, festivals and workshops. Focus on Stress Reduction Readers of the Magazine Enjoy Content on Yoga Lifestyle The vast majority of practitioners noted and valued yoga’s various non-physical benefits, such as stress relief, relaxation, and lending a sense of calm. Practioner Skill-Levels and Needs Vary Widely People who read Yoga Journal were most interested in the lifestyle content within the magazine, wheras those who frequented the website enjoyed more diverse content. Magazine and Online Content Reach Different Audiences Different practioners preferred either the magazine or the website, without notable overlap between the groups.
  2. 1: Yoga Instruction and Injury Prevention Regardless of style of

    yoga, or skill level, all practitioners expressed a desire for accurate and detailed instruction. In general, they favored in-person teaching, however, some enjoyed DVDs or other video content. Recommendation: Detailed information on poses and video content would give practioners the information the are interested in. “Yoga is best learned though demonstration and individual adjustments.” 33% of those interviewed have been injured during yoga Kyle, Beginning Practioner
  3. 2: Information on Diverse Yoga Styles Beginning practioners all desired

    an interest in learning more about yoga styles. Advanced practioners wanted more detailed information about their favored style. Regardless of skill level, all users recognized the diversity of yoga styles, and the need for information about all of them. Recommendation: Provide content that is searchable by style of yoga. “I first tried Bikram yoga and found it wasn’t for me. Then I tried Vinyasa, and really loved it. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right style.” Hillary
  4. 3: Fitting Yoga into a Busy Lifestyle According to our

    research, people who practice yoga tend to have very busy lives. They enjoy online content which helps to fit yoga into their hectic schedules, like quick tips or short video content. DVDs were also popular. Recommendation: Provide easy to navigate content, quick tips, and short videos. “I’m a student, a mom, and I commute several hours per day; I need help fitting yoga into my busy schedule.” Patsy, Busy Student, Mom and Athlete
  5. 4: Skill-Levels and Needs Vary Widely The information that beginners

    are looking for, such as demystifying the practice, showed to be turning away advanced practitioners. Recommendation: Allow the content to be personalized through profiles, so that the advanced users are more engaged. “As I’ve learned quite a lot, I need less gimmicky-flashy yoga stuff.” Griffen, Advanced Practitioner
  6. 5: Yoga as a Social Activity More than half of

    those interviewed started their practice with a friend. They also called out that different types of yoga and class times serve different groups, like the "yoga moms" or the "bouncy cardi-yoga instructors." Recommendation: Incorporating the social aspect of yoga through meetups, referral bonuses, and social networking will encourage engagement and provide incentive to join the premium section. “I’ve made a lot of friends through yoga.” Siri, Enjoys Yoga with Friends
  7. 6: Interest in Gear All practitioners expressed a need for

    similar gear, including attire, and yoga mats. Many favored specific brands, while others found some brands to be indicative of status. Recommendation: Include features on popular gear, a gear store, or gear reviews. “It’s important to have the right gear.” Sarah, Shops at Lululemon 100% of those interviewed expressed an interest in gear.
  8. 7: Interest In Special Events Many of the practitioners we

    interviewed referred to events and festivals as a common activity among their friends who practice yoga. It is also a great opportunity to bolster revenue and subscriptions by offering discounts and partnerships with various yoga festivals throughout the country. Recommendation: Include features about special events. In future iterations of the site, special event content could be customized to individual user’s location. “I’ve been to a retreat in Costa Rica, and would like to go to more special events.” Mary, Plans on Attending Wanderlust Yoga Festival
  9. 90% of those interviewed mentioned yoga’s non-physical benefits, like stress

    reduction 8: Focus on Stress Reduction The vast majority of those interviewed mentioned yoga’s non-physical benefits, including stress reduction, relaxation, and creating a feeling of calm. Because most practioners also had bust schedules, stress reduction was an important benefit of their yoga practice. Recommendation: Incorporating easy tips to integrate yoga into a busy lifestyle, providing content on yoga for stress-management, and a clean, clear visual design would benefit users interested in stress-management. “Yoga is a great way to relieve stress.” Haley, Student
  10. 9: Magazine Readers Enjoy Content on Yoga Lifestyle Brief Summary

    of Finding. The magazine is doing a good job addressing casual readers in studios and while traveling. Recommendation: Keep a lifestyle section online that builds off of what is in the magazine and allows readers cross reference with other information sources online. “It’s a quick read; I don’t have to think about it much.” Reese, Enjoys Yoga Journal as an Easy Read
  11. 10: Different Audiences for Magazine and Online Content All of

    the teachers that subscribed to yoga journal got it as an add-on to their liability insurance, and didn't find the magazine relevant or useful. The subscribers used the magazine "for fun" and used the site “to answer specific questions." Recommendation: Integrate the magazine content with the paywall, so that the short articles are available for free (and give a taste of the magazine), while the longer features are pay-to-read. Create options for print+online and online only to cut down on costs. “I go online to look up poses or search for videos. I don’t really read the magazine.” Claire, Zombie
  12. In conclusion, yoga practioners had a diverse variety of needs

    and interests, which calls for clear and searchable web content, as well as light and inspiring printed media. In Conclusion Instruction & Injury Prevention Exposure to Diversity of Styles Balancing Yoga with Busy Lives Skill Levels and Needs Vary Yoga as a Social Activity Interest in Gear Interest in Special Events Focus on Stress Reduction Magazine Readers Interested in Lifestyle Content Different Audience for Magazine and Online 1. 3. 2. 4. 5. 6. 8. 7. 9. 10.