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Ask Me Anything With Droid Pwani

Ask Me Anything With Droid Pwani

Beatrice Kinya

October 27, 2023

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  1. Beatrice Kinya GDE for Android | Android Engineer Also, I

    create content @ Droicon Academy Twitter: @B__Kinya | LinkedIn: Beatrice Kinya
  2. I have trouble explaining a part of the code, or

    how the code has worked, how do I deal with this?
  3. While creating my projects, I sometimes use other developers' code,

    however, it is hard to understand how things are implemented, thereby, I end up using tutorials instead. How do I understand other developers' code?
  4. Should one focus on Jetpack compose and take that as

    their selling point when looking for a job?
  5. I am part of a team where we want to

    develop a Unga online selling platform; An app. We would like to use Jetpack Compose and we are stuck on the choice of cloud platform to use for the database. Am kindly asking if you can help us to choose the best database.
  6. How can someone stay motivated once they get into Android.

    Have seen many guys quit Android in the first few months of getting into it
  7. As a beginner, apart from knowing c++, which other languages

    are essential for android development?
  8. Am currently doing Bachelors in comp science and i'm not

    sure what field to major on. Android development or system development.
  9. I feel like it is necessary for an android developer

    to know backend development. Let's assume you want to work on a project. Most probably, most of the projects needs to work with some apis. Now maybe you know someone who can develope that for you but obviously, developers are always busy on some stuff and making it impossible to focus on your project. What's your take on that?