Reactive Programming with Spring WebFlux Workshop - DevoxxUK 2017

Reactive Programming with Spring WebFlux Workshop - DevoxxUK 2017

These last few years Reactive Programming has found the hearts of a significant amount of developers. The fact that Spring 5 will incorporate the possibility of programming Reactive Systems in its core framework through the Spring Web Reactive project is a very positive development (pun intended) and shows the paradigm shift towards declarative programming.

This Hands-on Lab starts with the basics of Reactive Programming (in a nutshell) after which we’ll quickly move on to the actual hands-on part of the session. Using a number of small programming assignments we will familiarize you with all the concepts involving Reactive Programming, and the Spring 5 Web Reactive module. Then, with a real-life use case, we will finally show you why it is such a powerful paradigm. So let us introduce you to a way of building applications in a declarative way, as opposed to imperatively, resulting in more responsive and resilient applications.


Bas W. Knopper

May 12, 2017