We love developing but... how do we keep developing ourselves?

We love developing but... how do we keep developing ourselves?

The journey of a developer is a majestic one. The contextual world we live in is such a large place that we need several years of experience to feel ourselves comfortable enough in what we do. But what do we really gain with experience? Is it learning the tools of our trade, or is it something more? Does our growth stop at some point?

Most of you will think “No” at this point…but why is our epic tale a never-ending story in the most positive sense of the word?

We strive for the best quality of (our) software…and the views on what is "the best quality" is always in flux. What is software quality and what is the current view on qualitative software? More importantly, how can we be adaptive enough to keep up with this changing view, and keep improving ourselves as developers?


Bas W. Knopper

September 18, 2017