Frontend Performance: Beginner to Expert to Insanity

Frontend Performance: Beginner to Expert to Insanity

There’s no such thing as fast enough. You can always make your website faster. This talk will show you how. The very first requirement of a great user experience is actually getting the bytes of that experience to the user before they they get tired and leave.

In this talk we’ll start with the basics and get progressively insane. We’ll go over several frontend performance best practices, a few anti-patterns, the reasoning behind the rules, and how they’ve changed over the years. How should you tune TCP? Should you combine your JavaScript or split it into multiple files? Should you use a Cookieless domain for CSS or not? How does HTTP/2 affect performance? How do you use Wireshark and browser tools to debug performance issues? We’ll answer most of these questions during this talk.


Philip Tellis

May 31, 2016