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Digital Transformation in Higher Education (IWMW14)

Digital Transformation in Higher Education (IWMW14)

Do you feel like you are doing your job with one hand tied behind your back? Are you frustrated by company practices that are horribly antiquated and inappropriate for the digital world. Does your boss or client fail to understand the unique characteristics of the web? If so you are not alone. The majority of traditional businesses are struggling to adapt to the digital economy and need your help even if they don’t realise it.

In his talk Paul Boag explains why this is, and what we (as the web community) can do about it. He highlights that to build a great website we have to be the catalyst for organisational change and recommends ways to start that happening. You’ll learn why so many organisations are failing to adapt, why it falls to you to instigate the change in company culture, practical ways of instigating change and why your primary job isn’t to build websites, despite what your boss or client might think.


Paul Boag

June 09, 2014


  1. Digital Adaptation “Time to untie your hands”

  2. The world is changing

  3. The solid classical buildings of great universities may look permanent

    but the storms of change now threaten them. Lawrence Summers, Harvard University
  4. You know this

  5. You even have a dream.

  6. But your dream is crumbling in the face of institutional

  7. Bureaucracies are honed by the past and almost never can

    they deal effectively with the future. Dr. Leroy Hood
  8. Decentralised

  9. Slow moving

  10. Unfocused

  11. Many layers of management

  12. You know this too

  13. Mission impossible?

  14. No.

  15. But grass roots change is hard. We need executive support.

  16. Our tactics just suck

  17. We… — resign ourselves to the ‘reality’. — try to

    solve the symptoms. — bury ourselves with the trivial. — hope somebody will fix things.
  18. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

    Hillel the Elder
  19. Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you

    miss them. William Arthur Ward
  20. Digital Transformation

  21. — Starbucks — Disney — General Electric — Harvard —

    British Government — European Commission — Nestlé — McDonalds
  22. We need a plan

  23. If we hope to prepare our institutions for the new

    digital reality, we need to present a compelling case for change. Moaning about user needs or poor management is not enough. Paul Boag
  24. The case for change

  25. Highlight opportunities

  26. Focus on threats

  27. Use data

  28. Appeal to the selfish gene

  29. Cost savings

  30. Get outside help

  31. It seems completely overwhelming to climb the mountain. Motivation is

    sapped which leads to inaction. Mother Teresa
  32. Setting the direction

  33. Digital transformation team

  34. Map user journeys

  35. Prototype

  36. Build a framework

  37. Educate & disband

  38. Create a case — Highlight opportunities — Focus on threats

    — Use data — Appeal to the selfish gene — Save costs — Get outside help Set a direction — Form a transformation team — Map user journeys — Prototype — Build a framework — Educate & disband
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